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Hey Carlosisafk,

thanks for your comment;) 

Yes your right a hacking protection would be recommend. I also have thought about it before I published the game but hacking it is not worth so much haha. Furthermore I am working on an update with new stuff so I could try to remove the security leaks. And about your question of making a tutorial level.. If you click on a hotel the first time a dialog window opens which shows you want you have to do and you can always click on the info button ( I ) on the top left corner^^ And my English is also not perfect because I am German but I prefer making games in English.

So yeah thank you so much and have a nice day:)

Alright, I'm going to try it out tomorrow 

Yes you'r right, i thought the game has been saved because of the complete houses at the beginning. But i like the resources, nice content.

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Hey ClayManZ, 

after a few hours of work I recognized, that I only have uploaded an apk for devices with ARM-V8 processor architecture. That's like opening an .exe file on mac. So now I have uploaded two other files and they should support some thousands devices more. Maybe all of them^^ But it should take a few times until the update will go live.


I rly don't know the reason. But in the google play console i can see that only 4000 of 14000 devices are compatible:( 

Im searching for the pproblem.

nice to hear you are working so hard on the game. I wish you great success^^

Hey ClayManZ,

thank you for your reply^^

Im happy that you like my game. Yes i know the problem with the price change button, but i don't have so much space in the menue, that's the problem. Maybe i can figure it out. And you already can see the price of each upgrade on the bottom if you press the upgrade button, because then you must agree or disagree, or did I understand you wrong?

Btw. yes a sequel is planned in 3D and this game is for me a kind of a prototype of the logical systems like the incoming of the hotel guests etc. but now im working hard on "Extra Tasks" (Version 1.1). Then the game will have more content, more logic and also more achievements!

Greetings and good luck for your project


wow it was fun^^ but sometimes i was stuck. nice idea:D

funny game:D

Hey ClayManZ,

I enjoyed your devlog and i downloaded your game and i like it^^ even it's played trough quickly.

I am a beginner in game development, you too?

Finally I only can say keep on working im looking forward to the new version:D