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Unfortunately, the file for the game has been corrupted. There is a possibility that I can recover the files and continue this project. For now you can still play the very short demo!

I will keep you updated on the status of the project and if I'm able to recover it. For now, the game will be put on hold (hopefully not for long).

Thank you and enjoy what we have so far!

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First off, I really like the art style and the way that everything sort of works together. But I do have one question that broke my thinking. I'm trying to build the Mining Facility, and It's telling me that I need to put the Utility Connector down for water and power... But when I try to place the utility connector down, It's telling me that I need to build it on a "Core Surface." What does this mean? I don't know what else to do. Thank you and great job on the game :)