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idk why but paypal is kinda denying my card lmao
welp maybe its because of some recent things I bought? I'll try again in a few days lmao

It's just that this pack has almost the perfect perspective that I was looking for, almost perfectly flat.

Just what I was looking for!

holy crap! this really is a passion project. I'm not sure they'll fit in my game but I'll buy it because of the love that's clearly gone into the project.

Will you add a way to select multiple (and all) blocks with a selection tool?
How about a "layer" system, so I can export the same model in different files?
Those (and the acceleration with the movement) are my only 2 big issues with the software. Really good stuff, either way.

That's a shame :( . I was mostly looking for that "flat" side-scroller style. I guess I can kinda archieve that stretching this tileset and re-drawing it a bit.

Hello! I'm mainly interested the "flat" style that is in the background of the page (and not the images) are those also in the files? I'm doing a sidescroller perspective game so I really want to know.

Thanks, this really good btw.