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hey, this isnt working. the events see the player but just run towards the general direction of him, not chase him.

damnn!! doesnt seem that way! nicely done!

this is nice, how did you get that result? is it using qabs and qmovement?

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uff man, estoy haciendo un jueguito que está ambientado en una funeraria en el conurbano, no sabes lo bien que me viene esto

plugin seems to crash with yep_coreengine and srd_optionscreator

idk why but paypal is kinda denying my card lmao
welp maybe its because of some recent things I bought? I'll try again in a few days lmao

It's just that this pack has almost the perfect perspective that I was looking for, almost perfectly flat.

Just what I was looking for!

holy crap! this really is a passion project. I'm not sure they'll fit in my game but I'll buy it because of the love that's clearly gone into the project.

Will you add a way to select multiple (and all) blocks with a selection tool?
How about a "layer" system, so I can export the same model in different files?
Those (and the acceleration with the movement) are my only 2 big issues with the software. Really good stuff, either way.

That's a shame :( . I was mostly looking for that "flat" side-scroller style. I guess I can kinda archieve that stretching this tileset and re-drawing it a bit.

Hello! I'm mainly interested the "flat" style that is in the background of the page (and not the images) are those also in the files? I'm doing a sidescroller perspective game so I really want to know.

Thanks, this really good btw.