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It's a shame, I showed this VN to a friend and he wanted to play it but he doesn't have a PC

I have a PC to play but I have a question, will it be for mobile in the future?

Esto parece la perfección, y es hermoso

Gracias por contestar mi duda, espero algún día puedas resolver ese problema se que se podrá saludos desde México también :D

Este VN me gusta, pero tengo una duda, si no es mucha molestia preguntar ¿El juego estará traducido en español?

I decided to read it all and the truth is that I didn't expect something like this to happen to you, I thought whether to write a comment because I'm not a person of English nationality, I'm Spanish (Mexico to be exact haha) so all this is taken from Google translate like this sorry if there are words that are not understood, well leaving aside, I hope you continue to be well, what happened to you in medical school was very strong and I hope something similar does not happen to you again, even in a part of what I felt identified with what you wrote, I only hope that you continue to be better and live a healthy and happy life, the future may bring surprises that we do not like, but even so, do not give up for what may happen from now on, because much success awaits you in life, luck in everything you do, with love, a simple fan.

But how do you explain that there are certain options, sometimes the friendship or love points are lowered for a certain character? Random example: The fight between Pi and Jin ^^"

I love this game, but haven't you thought about making a guide for this game, how to put the correct options in a file or something? Because if I need one ;w;

Me trae felicidad saber que hay otra actualización :D

Congratulations for the two years I am glad that this great game is still standing


Congratulations on the second anniversary, they deserve the support this game has

Aaaaaaa that's what it's about thanks for the information :3

I have a question, what is the game about? is that I did not understand very well despite seeing the labels

I'm a crybaby who gets scared easily with this kind of games? Yes, but I'm still going to play it

Oh I understand, thanks for answering my question ^^

I have a question for when the public version comes out, will it come out complete or will it come out as half of it?

Este juego es lo más asombroso de los que e jugado, es de terror y esta en español eso no se encuentra todos los días, este juego se volvió mi top 1 :D

Yei ^^

I love the game, a few days ago I tried it and I want to continue playing, I hope this project is not canceled and I wish all the success to you who develop this game 10/10, I only hope that the game is free to continue playing it

Me encantó este juego desde la primera vez que salió ^w^

I really love the game, but there is a part where they ask me to find someone named Finn to join the football team and I can't find him anywhere, I need help.

I have a question, do I have to be over 18 to enter?

Pregunta ¿Como asi que es SFW pero tampoco no es para menores de edad?

Thanks for answering my question anyway.

I have a question

How many days will the game have at most?

Thank you ^^

Gracias ^^ 

Thank you ^^

En este juego tiene NSFW cierto? En algún futuro se podrán omitir esa esena?

Me gustó mucho la nueva actualización ^^ me dejo con intriga

I have a doubt  beforewhen you entered to download the game, other images would appear but now they are changed to those of the game. What happened to the others?

Sorry my English is bad 

The game looks incredible, I have a question. Will the game have another language like Spanish in the future?

It also says that it contains NSFW, is it possible to skip those scenes?

Me gusta el juego ^^

Thank you ^^

Sorry but would it be possible for this game to be made for android as well?

I have a question, is there a way to skip a NSFW scene in this game?

If the game had an adult scene, is there a way to skip it?

I have a question, is the game in another language, like Spanish?