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Oket, thank you!

Was there any update in the demo or why is it in 2.0? And if so, what changes were there? I saw everything the same

Elias and Baaltazhar, they are so sexys

Wow! Nueva historia, tengo mucha curiosidad, cuando tenga el tiempo libre aprovechare para leerlo.

Yay :D

Tengo una duda, se ha pensado en añadir un apartado de galería donde se pueda ver algunas imágenes SFW/NSFW que se desbloquean con el paso de la ruta?


I don't know if it helps you but to get it you have to buy something at the store and use it in the room.

Oh shit. Todo eso que comentas debe ser horrible, espero que todo vaya mejor mas adelante y que no te pasen estas cosas como el profesor estricto y la perdida de sangre, espero hayas disfrutado tus vacaciones y que ahora estes mejor cuidate mucho <3

I've already played all 5 and I must say that I love them, I hope this line of games continues, even with the characters a Visual Novel could be made, by the way I hope I don't bother with this question but will there be a part 6?

I have a question, will the game have another language in the future? The game looks interesting but I don't know much English because I'm Spanish, and that's why I ask because I would really like to play it.

Primero, ame la respuesta sobre los cuerpos completos jaja, y segundo, seria cool una ruta con Roberto espero que se pueda hacer realidad la ruta gracias por responder mi duda :D

Hola, esta VN me ha encantado y ya hay algunos que me encantaron mucho, pero dos duda, porque se ve todo el cuerpo de los personajes? Lo que pasa es que la otras VN mayormente aparecen de cintura para arriba y tambien, Roberto sera una ruta en un futuro? Lo digo ya que se ve un personaje simpatico y seeria curioso como seria una ruta con el, pero igual el VN no esta mla le veo un gran futuro le doy mis 5/5 le daria mas si fuera posible.

The art is beautiful

Ok thanks, by the way it shows that the drawing style is from Total Drama

I've only played a few minutes and the game is very fun and interesting, although I wonder if they plan to translate the game in the future, since I have to use the translator to continue with the story because I'm Spanish, and I haven't mastered English yet very good (even to be able to write this I used the Google translator).

I have a question, after the game comes out, will there be any translations for other languages?

Sure, when I have time I'll send the video.

The game is strange, the movement controls do the opposite, for example, to move forward you go to the left, and the movement of the camera sometimes stops and does not allow you to turn to see anywhere.

I hope they can give you permission, I also want a Spanish translation.

Oki doki thank you ^^

The game looks interesting, how much will it cost?

Don't worry, making a game must be difficult, take the time you need.

Oh I get it I'll be looking forward to it

I don't know if I asked this before, but I wanted to know if the game will have any other translations like Spanish.

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Oki doki :3

Wow, looks great, how much is the game going to cost?

Ah haha, don't worry about the language of the game, even if I know some English I can understand it, besides I can use the translator at any time :³

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Don't apologize and it's not that I'm getting confused but do you know Spanish? ^^"

Ok, the story is interesting, but I'm not very good with English, will the game be updated with another language like Spanish? Sorry for the inconvenience

Both sound interesting but I think the first one convinced me more

OMG SIIII, por fin una fecha, seguire esperando hasta el fin no importa que :D

It looks very fantastic, I will look forward to it

 Oh okey, thank you ^^

I have a question, will the game have any other language like Spanish or some other?

I loved the game, it would be great if there was a sequel :'3

It's a shame, I showed this VN to a friend and he wanted to play it but he doesn't have a PC

I have a PC to play but I have a question, will it be for mobile in the future?