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Excellent game.  There are so many possibilities here.  I look forward to future content

I like the concept, but it'd be nice if you could at least turn the character's position without using up a turn.  

The difficulty right now doesn't bother me.  I think more item drops from monsters or finds would be better than lowering the difficulty.

I don't think people will be willing to pay $0.99 for every continue, especially if the die twice in one run (that would frustrate me).  But, permanent unlocks are definitely a plus like: starting at level two, unlocking a specific spell, item, or weapon that could be used at the beginning of each run.

There's also the possibility of leaving the characters items behind from the last run as a possible loot, like in Dark Souls games.  

There are two games that I have seen apply the Fallout percentages aspect (i.e. accuracy and damage differing against upper, mid, lower or specific body parts).  I've always found that fascinating.  

I don't know if you've played Buriedbournes, but I think a lot of what that game has can be learned from for these types of Roguelite RPG's.  I mainly don't play that game because of the crude graphics; which your game has eliminated.  Since you're wrapping up the game for the Android release, it makes my suggestions a bit difficult because many could require a bit or coding (which I know nothing about) or change that you may not want.  It depends if you view this game as a living model that you will continue to update and grow, or if you just plan to put it out there and let it be.

Also, I did notice some grammar and clarity errors in the writing.  If you are interested, I would be willing to go over your text to clean it up as I am starting a freelance proofreading/editing portfolio, and I have an English degree.  Either way, I thought I'd make the offer.  Thanks for getting back to me.

Does the continue cost $0.99 every death?  Or, is it a one time payment that unlocks the option to continue?  

I don't like the continue idea, mainly because I think perma-death games should stay that way .  But, I do like the idea of $1.99 per character.  

Maybe you could add certain perma-buffs/items that could be available at the beginning for a cost (e.g. $1.99 allows you to also  start with a random spell every adventure, or $1.99 unlocks such and such an item to begin with every adventure.

I have a lot of ideas from playing a lot of different rpg's, but I don't know if you want to hear a bunch of them.

I really enjoy this game, though.  I found it last week and have played probably about 30ish runs; I've only made it to 36 on the path

any possibility that an Android version will come up?