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Oh, thanks for the input then.
I'm using a library just for gyro data normalization across different devices, but if that does not work properly, I think I will switch to my own calibration procedure then.

One of the couple of images with the game's logo above, is the how to hold the phone tutorial ;-)

Hi sitebender!
By pixel-aligned I mean that a few things, like particles, seems moving by subpixels (very smooth) and not respecting the 160x144 pixel matrix.
To improve the gameplay, I would:

  1. rework the jump feeling
  2. make sure there is no camera follow when jumping (on some platform this happens and it is quite disturbing)
  3. let the projectiles interact with enemies even when they are clipped out of the screen
  4. make the guns orientable to shoot higher or lower and not just horizontal

Those are the (personal opinion)-advices that came from the top of my head ;-)
Keep up the great work!

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Since I did not realize AlienVania was already reviewed, I did two reviews!

AlienVania is a nice platformer featuring super-juicy pixel art, a wide selection of weapons and enemies.
After few istants playing this game, you will realize it is very polished, from the game menu to the gameplay.
I particularly enjoyed the splatter effect when killing enemies and totally loved the music.
The size of the map and the quality of the graphics is impressive for a jam entry.
If you really need to find a small flaw, maybe a few things like explosion particles are not pixel-aligned, but that's not a problem to me.
What to say more? Try it, and you will have a nice surprise near the ending.
Music: 4/5
Visuals: 5/5
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Wild Goose Chase
Wild Goose Chase is a nice meat boy inspired platformer, you play the role of a very nice character in his task of rescuing a goose.
Controls feel very balanced, graphics are essential but stylish and it's very fun to play.
I enjoyed how the tutorials got inside the level art: I would recommend it to give it a try!
Music: 2/5
Visuals: 3/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

My game is called Phone Throttle (https://santarcade.itch.io/phone-throttle) it's an HTML5 game where you do wheelies with a scooter, controlling it with your phone gyroscope but watching the gameplay on your desktop browser.
Unluckily, it requires an Android phone with gyroscope in order to play it.
Give it a try and let me know!