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guys please tell me that there is a password for day 10-11 on tyson's route

It is working now,thankyou very much

Okay idk why but i can not download the game on my laptop still ;-;.Can anyone help please ?

Okay so i was going to reinstall the game and it says "open page" and redirects me to chrome

Honestly I have no idea.I only have it on atm.

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okay so please help.I have been trying to update to 0.17 but it always says that no compatible file was found.If anyone knows how to deal with this please help me

okay,thank you 

hey so i was just wondering if there are any differences between the public version and the patreon version content wise?

okay np,thankyou

Okay so I was just wondering if there is a difference content wise between the patreon version and the public version?