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This is really awesome. I am going to start using this as placeholders. I can never really work with bad looking art, but I also like to get starting mechanics into my games first, so this is really helpful for both :)

Awesome pack, gonna use this for my game. Would you rather credit in the credits, or just a link in the description?

Cool Pack! Would you rather being shown in the credits, or in the description?

Thanks for the positive response. I am not a big fan of it actually, although I made it lol.

Dino, thanks for the compliment. Our team worked pretty hard to make this happen, I just wish I could have gotten a downloadable set up.

thanks. I kinda wish I did a better job on the art tho...

Awesome game, awesome music, though the knight could be slightly better, and I couldn't get past the first level. Does the knight have to make it first or the goblin?

2 problems. The music isn't the greatest. The other problem is you should have made a character sprite. Other than that, great game. You took the theme well

Gj dino! This game is really fun

it's fun, but it's doesn't look very good. 6/10



Hey, cool game. The only thing is that there is no variation, other than time speed up and random block. 7/10

Cool game, though it is completely silent. (other than SFX) Really cool idea, and really good interpretation, 8/10

The game is pretty difficult, and the music needs some work, 6/10

I beat the game 5 times just to hear the overlap over and over lol. 6/10

Had the same problem with the overlap

There's nothing to see