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Liking this devlog for the chance of a keychain in the future

Also amazed at all your progress!

I love it! The characters are so loveable and the atmosphere is spooky good.  It also has wonderful music and FX to boot! All wrapped up to show a genuine story. Congrats on an awesome game! 🎃

What an interesting commentary on nature vs nurture, and perceptions of things! I enjoyed seeing what you have learned and seeing it in characters that you have brought to life! Great job ♥

Such a cute sweets game! I like looking for the stuff and baking! ♥

This is such a well-made game for a short amount of time! I love the art and aesthetic (Pippy is so cute!), and it's an important message for young people to hear who are starting to choose which friendships cultivate, since making choices like this can affect their lives in rippling effects.

Keep writing stories, making games, and creating art! ♥

great perfect 100% game i can't believe this is real

My sister was able to escape the island! She said it was satisfying to upgrade your equipment. Fun game, great work! The bulls were the best, hahaha.

Beautiful graphics! It is a fun world to explore :)

Very groovy! 😁 Try to get to the belly of the beast!