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oh my god you are a lifesaver just after you gave me that hint i found where to start thank you <3

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finded the slavers map i tried to follow but it has lead me anywhere, and now the slave house is permanent lock so i can't go there too so i think is everything that i can do for now

find a bug in the desert the character just vanish when passing by the desert 

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oh i lost the release day time to rush it up!

lot of little things but the main event is of course the kitty maid

sense training huh look's like a trap from rinny

time to "milk" this update 

don't take too much time~

oh my gawd there will be a new ******* i can't believe in my eyes....

all finished milked the update and now waiting for the next one, i actually liked the path that gin took, was a really good update

talk with cassie it will apear a new option to tell about gin


this have a lot of new interactions it's seem! and the end of gin's route too with mean that the next one will be other characters!

i will wait the next update, don't like gin too much on this one but the new clothes is cool

and i finally find the devil fawn easter egg!!

already installed!

me too! this update look and fell spicy!!

ow, i lost the release date!

Pretty good pretty good can't wait to be released to the public

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already did that i want to know If there more to do 

and what about that magic voodoo thing? can we do something about it?

let's goooooo

Not gonna lie It is a little scary what plus size do...

and when you make soup there some combination to make good soups?

Nice update as always keep up

Oh a New tinkering recipe, now that something that i not have  expected

I can't wait to play this one today

ufff have forgot to take a peek at the update charge log and i regret so much this update look so good!

finishing alissa route AND adding she the island? oh boy when i get my hands on this update i will have all of she unique collectibles

found quite a little bug, it's seem like i can take the key in the Fawn's chastity event multiple times 

rightttttttttttttttttttt on time! thanks indivi!

wow when this update come to public will be a boom! love new scenes and quests i can't wait to get my hands on this one

ooooh i understand! 

justttt finish the new update and when i was playing a idea come to mind, i don't know if you like someone give you a idea or not but i think to let you know, maybe you can add a timer to the gamer so time can past and people see when it's night or day this will help so that the player don't need to always sleep to refresh events like work! and you can even add buff and debuffs in case they sleep well ou just don't sleep at all! i think that will just make the game just so much more lived! but again i do'n't know if you like someone giving you ideas and i don't know if is hard to make something like this because i am not a developer like you and i know that you have a lot in your hands like fixing bugs and add new things to the game like finishing the story, just to get mad at me i just wanna help. and the update was very cool too! love the new part of the event i hope to have more event like that

yayyyyyy new update! thank indivi, and even have parte of a quest!

but always feel like a year or so

Finally some New update, of course i Still have to wait to come to the public but it's Nice to see some news, and a New event! Sweet

i really think this game can be sooooo good but it's ''out of bound'' the notes and the music is not all that placed right but this game can actully be very good and can even go on steam,hope it's become better and if a new update comes out i will be the first to comment on ((sorry for my bad english))

noooooo problem! i can wait, in the meantime i Will be playing on the things of the Island!

and is a BIG JUICY major update