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This is the progress report for Wildlife Sanctuary. Some things to note:

-Art progress will be stated as "unknown" until the script is done, because they all have some art but until the script is done it will be unknown how much art I need to do.

-Just because I haven't written out their plot outlines doesn't mean I haven't a plot idea.

-This progress report will only say completed and in progress plotlines, to avoid just having to write "0%" over and over.

But anyway, to the progress report!

Beginning Scene- Finished

Plot outline- skipped tbh

Script/most coding- 100%

Art- 100%

Final coding and testing- 100%

The Dominant's plotlines- In Progress

Plot outline- 100%

Script/most coding- ~60%

Art- unknown

Final coding and testing- 0%

Thank you! This was a much well-needed break from coding and drawing for hours without sleep, haha. Thank you for hosting this jam, I loved its idea as soon as I saw it!