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Sanguine Kaiser

A member registered Nov 01, 2022

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A very nice contrast compared to Melissa ❤! The addition of more characters was also a great change! I was surprised to see a sequel so soon!

The narrative is just as great as Melissa's with a good mix of 'spooks' sprinkled within. I loved the puzzle which added more to the overall story and I look forward to the next game! 

Thank you for taking the time making this wonderful game! And I wish you the best with the next one!

I highly recommend people to check both Morris and Melissa out! I give this game a Morris deserves a big hug/10

I loved this little demo! It leaves a lot of mystery as to what will end up happening and I really can't wait to see what the full game will bring! I haven't played Dreaming Mary, but I can see the inspirations of Pocket Mirror, while also being unique!

The narrative, music and the entire world you have set up so far is wonderful. It really feels like a place someone would create when they are younger. Especially with all of the sweets! 

I can tell you and everyone who has worked on it so far have put in a lot of time and effort. And I hope that the rest of development goes smoothly! Thank you for sharing this little demo and I look forward to the full release!

For anyone who stumbles upon this. I highly recommend giving this a try!

This was a really fun game! I wish night 2 was out already! I loved the aesthetics of the game as well as the color scheme! The art style with the CG's are also really detailed. I think it's a nice switch from when you are running around! One thing I would like to see in the future is to maybe have separate audio sliders. At least one for music and one for voices. I personally like having voice audio on the louder end compared to music.

I do look forward to night 2 and what else you and everyone has planned in the future! 

A wonderful game! This really did feel like 'what of silent hill were in RPG Maker?' type of game! The atmosphere, monsters and aesthetics were all amazing. Though I really loved the camera angle switches, especially in the beginning where you can fully see the doors of the bathroom as you walk closer. Small details like that are always a nice touch! I noticed that some people may have had issues, but it worked flawlessly for me!

There is a nice mix of puzzle-solving, story progression and horror elements. I definitely recommend anyone to give this a try! 

And thank you and everyone involved for making such a wonderful game! 

A very accurate representation what it's like inside a gas station late at night!

This was a real scary experience! Every little sound made this so much scarier! There were parts where it got really dark, but I would say that's a plus because it added a loss of direction! I recommend this game to anyone who hasn't given it a try yet!

The graphics were really amazing! Especially when going for PS1 style graphics! I also thought that starting off outside while making the apartment itself so small was a great choice! Doing that added a bit of claustrophobia! 

I loved this game! The art style and narrative are great! (Also, a lot of the ending animations were cute!) I thought there was a good mix between humor and spooks! And how you managed to tie it all together (trying to avoid spoilers here) was really nice! I couldn't tell that this was the very first game that you made! It ran flawless for me and I ran into no issues! 

I hope you make more horror games in the future! This was a really enjoyable experience! Thank you for taking the time to make this!

I really loved this game! Not only aesthetically, but the whole narrative was great! It was like going through a 80's/90's horror movie in a video game format! It also has that crazy twist a lot those movies had. I haven't played too many VHS style horror games, but this one really made me a huge fan!

Thank you for making such a fantastic game! I look forward to see what else you have planned for the future!

Very Meaty game while having a pretty creepy narrative. I love the ps1 style aesthetics! I think it fits this game very well! Platformers can also feel too floaty or sticky, but the controls here are very nice and responsive! 

I give this a MEAT/10

A short and wonderful game! This gave me Yume Nikki vibes when playing through it! The pixel art was amazing, I loved it all the way through! Everything was a bit ambiguous for me, which isn't a bad thing! Thinking about what exactly happened is a great thing! Since it seems like the story is open up for more than on interpretation!

One thing, my game would freeze at certain ponds and one of the cars later in the game when looking at your reflections (I think there's three in total?) I'm not sure if it's just something on my end, but if someone comes across this issue, you can just run by those and reach the next ones!

Thank you for making and sharing this amazing game!

This was a blast to play through! The two coworkers personalities were great! This was one of my favorite escape room type games that I've played so far. The banter between the two characters really helped with the pacing! And the subtle hints given on what to do is really nice! The last ending was a bit confusing for me at first, I wasn't sure if it bugged out. But with everything that is going on in the story, I assume that it works as intended! (trying to avoid spoilers)  Thank you and everyone involved for taking the time to make this wonderful game!

Zero Visibility is a great short horror experience! I love the pixel art in a 3-D dimension! It's the first kind of game I've played out side of 2-D and I loved it! There's a lot of mystery around everything, but I enjoy those kinds of stories. Makes me think more about what actually went on! It worked flawlessly for me and I experienced no bugs at all! I would definitely recommend everyone to give this game a try!

They both were a great experience! They were! But I think it's a nice change, even if it was a little surprising! 

Alright! I don't think it's too much of an issue right now! I think it's more of a visual kind of bug than anything, since you can still here the sounds of you switching between characters! And thank you for taking the time for making such a wonderful game! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

This was a wonderful demo! I love the whole fairy tale theme that's going on, but I also love the scenarios that Alice is thrown into! It leaves a bit of mystery as to what exactly is going on. 

I really loved the part with the sea food restaurant! I felt really bad for what was going on towards the end of it all :( I can't wait to see more of this when it releases! Thank you for taking the time to making and sharing this little demo! I hope that the rest of development goes smoothly!

One thing I will say is that I did have a bit of trouble choosing between Caroline and Lewis in the very beginning! The character select screen looked frozen for me when trying to switch between characters. Not sure if it's just something on my end though! 

Played this after Dawn of the Damned and I loved the story of this one just as much! I didn't expect how the story to turn out, I thought the complete opposite was going to happen haha.

I like the multiple choices in the beginning, but I felt pretty bad when choosing some of them because of how mean they ended up being :( Still, it was great to see how the conversation flowed between each choice! It gave a nice insight of their character. And the option to have a different MC and partner was also a nice change from other visual novels I have gone through! It adds a nice variety!

Thank you again for creating another fantastic game! It was a really enjoyable experience!

A very cute and simple little horror game! The story telling was amazing albeit a little dark. It was enjoyable all the way through and I came across no issues whatsoever! Thank you for making this little horror experience!

A great game so far! However, I feel like there needs to be more of a hint for the safe? It's confusing on what you need to do to be able to solve it without some sort of hint. Otherwise I think it's a really great game!

A little late to the party! This visual novel was a great read through. I really loved the story and how open some bits are as it really makes you think and wonder what exactly is going on. And without spoiling anything down here, I thought you had a really interesting take on what the theme was about! (I wish there was more back story to other characters! But a layer of mystery is always a nice thing to have!)

The voice acting was great all the way through. On top of the sound effects and music it really came together nicely. Each scene was super engaging and fit perfectly with one another!

Thank you and everyone involved for making this game! I look forward to seeing the others that you have done as well!