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The Game Was Great! Waiting For The Next Update! Keep It Up! (Here's my gameplay on it and pls like and subscribe)

I Was Hoping That There Was Gonna Be A Jumpscare In This Game, But It Was Still Overall A Good Game And The Sewers Was Kinda Scary NGL. Keep Up The Good Work Man!👍🔥 (Here's My Gameplay On It)

What would make it cooler is if it had more levels and that you could choose and difficulty, but I loved the game! (Here's my gameplay on it)

I liked that there was a game where we're the murderer but I found the game weird at times like when he was slicing some unknown thing, Other than that I thought the game was great (Here's my game play

on the video it's no commentary)

Very weird and spooky! Here's my game play on it (If you haven't already like the video and subscribe...)

This was a very peaceful experience and had fun playing it! Here's my video down below (Pls watch the whole thing and like...)

I really liked it and the fact that there was a secret mini-game makes it way better (which i found by accident) and would really love to see this game progress and the only thing i think you should fix is the drifting because i press the space bar once and and my vehicle steers really hard and it's hard to control.