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 now I'm only with 82 runes


a little left... is there anyone to help me?

then it becomes "special gimmick" rather than a "natural behavior". I think it should be considered as natural behavior

that's intended and not special thing
think: steve dies if "the counter reaches zero when a move ended"

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88 runes, nice game

wow the part 2 came out!!
I've waited this for so looooong

this puzzle is unsolvable if you mark one of these tiles as a mine. if you do that, you don't have a way to find out where's the mine above the "2"

"This puzzle is SOLVABLE without guessing" is a keypoint

wow you have to flip your thought to do the second

some thoughts of this game:
the presets didn't fill right (e.g: celeste's down gravity is too strong)
double jumps seems broken (you cannot do 2nd jump if you didn't do the 1st jump, sometimes 2nd jump just misses)
if you turn on the lookahead, I think the camera's position should stay still when you don't move (instead of returning to center)
You should add the offsets of the camera (because many games mainly go rightward)

And I have no idea how to implement this into a real game. I'd be appreciate if you share the source code (especially the character movement)

Lailou12's Paramod? lol

wow... it was fun.
Interesting concept in a sokoban game.

score: 92
What a true pacifist!

in fact, it's mod of a mod of cell machine

so, This is polyrhythm training game?
I like it lol

wow finally.

my new record (any%)

pretty fun! (first play)

(anyway, 16 berries are all, right?)

what? I didn't think about big numbers. I should try it and figure it out how it works

I'm just a middle school student and I'm going to go science high school.

I'm interested in computer programming and logic gates.

Yes, I made a 2-bit calculator, which can add 0+0 to 3+3

I made a perfect(?) guide for all levels

(level 1 ~ 17)