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I love how you made just sitting at a little shrine so enjoyable! The day night cycle keeps it interesting but I wish the time of day followed an order and  each time of day lasted a bit longer so i could have more time to appreciate to beautiful art and sounds. I want to keep this open and just chill with it at it after having worked on a project for a while. Love it!

Fin this is such a cool game! The robo-scat vibe I get from it is super fun and unique! The jumping around a going thorough the pipes in the ceiling is super cool and the stealth is manages super well. I feel that the movement of the cat when jsut walking around feel a bit slippy if that makes sense but the jump is purrfect! Love this game!

Alekai this is awesome! I want a little windowed version so i can just keep it running on my desktop! Growing a flower garden as a cloud is such a cute idea and the progression of gaining more moisture to be able to rain on stuff faster is a very interesting system. I wish the progression was a bit slower since it feels like all the numbers ramp up faster than the tone of the game gives off. Really cool game!!

wow in this game I really am fish. The light reflection shader is sooo cool and it adds such an amazing feel to the game. The schools so fish feel organic and i wish there was one that kinda matched your speed so you could join in on the fun! Visually amazing and relaxing experience!

Gen!! I love this idea! not knowing what you are and having to piece together your identity from what others see in you is a super cool game. I had tons of fun running through different endings just to see what would happen! I think one minor thing i would improve is the end being more of a portal you walk though vs a clickable object. Overall loved the game!

Wow just wow! Jordan this is so cool and an amazing way of tackling this prompt! I love the slimes animations and how it reacts to the button presses! A very clever system that i really enjoyed playing! Keep it up!

I love the my turtle. I could see myself just having it in the corner of my desktop and hanging out with it every once in a while when I need a break. The simple pixel art is great and conveys the perfect vibe for this game. My one comment is I wish there was more of this game! I think it would be cool to be able to customize your turtles tank! Super cool relaxing game!

I finally got all the Skins!! Bumblebee was holding out for a long time hahaha! Loved the idea of a clicker gotcha free to play game! The skins are unique and fun! The uncanny valley one is my favorite! The physics of the boxes is great and having the the Dragonball button get rid of most their health is a great idea. I wish the Dragonball actually did more damage like if it left them one hit away from opening. I think this might fix the wanting to have a faster knocking problem. Overall super fun!

Luke I really like this! The magnet tool is a really fun one to use and I really enjoyed dragging the buddy around! One change i would add is slight variations on the sound effects. I think it would make it even better that it already is!

Little Wizard is Amazing!!! My Little Wizard became a wind wizard and I'm so happy! Miles this is an awesome idea for a virtual pet the music and art style mesh really well and the questions are entertaining to go though! The one thing is I wish there was more! I want to take care of my Little Wizard! Waiting for Little Wizard 2!

Ok so I know this is very barebones but I love this! I think the prerecord a path idea is really cool but I think the game just need to be a bit more responsive to the recordings because it feels like sometimes it just doesn't do what was recorded. Also having the recording section be the length of the play area would add some needed reference points to the recording section of the game. I really like the color palette  and think the simple shapes are a prefect fit for the feel of the game!

This is really hypnotic I love the vaporwave color scheme! If I was to add anything to the game it would be for every few hits to change where the stick hits the drum to produce a slightly different noise. The particle effect upon hitting the drum is super cool and adds a lot to the action! 

This is a really good game! I love the concept of growing the atom to a certain size and then having another one appear as the main one and the other one become a controllable obstacle! It has a good mix between having full control of the atoms rotation and no control.  I liked the look of the electrons and how they communicated that they are unstable. I think a less active nucleus would make the look of game more cohesive! 

This is a really good idea for a one button game. Pressing the spacebar gives the right feel for skipping the rock and this is reinforced by the satisfying sound effects.  I love the art style of the game as it reinforces the relaxing feel of the game! Additionally, adding more visual elements to know when to press the button to skip the rock would be nice since right now its more of a press the button as close to zero dynamic. Also maybe making the distance a bit smaller because on the average attempt getting over a Km is quite the arm. hahaha but seriously an awesome game!

AAAAA! This is amazing it so frustrating yet incredibly rewarding once you learn the controls! The music is absolutely perfect for this type of game as I would sit and play this for hours (which I might have already done) the distortion when you die is a super nice touch to indicate a death! One this was I did encounter some patterns which seemed actually impossible to get out of so maybe adding something to prevent those but it only happened like twice so not a huge deal! Really good game!

Great clone! The controls feel just like the original but the animations are smoother leading to the overall feel of the game being much better. The rat animation is fun and creative adding a personal flair to the whole project. One thing is i would cap to speed to which to different objects can achieve and make them slow down a bit slower giving the player a bit more time to deal with all the elements on the screen. Super good clone! 

Really good clone! The visual style is spot on rally good animations and the mouse is so good! The lack of the animations stopping makes all my actions feel irrelevant during the game, more than in the original. But it syncs up perfectly to the audio which is great so it creates the general feeling of the original! Also the sperm game is spot on!

This is such a cool clone! The hit detection between the player and the trees feels great because it give me the sense of getting away with a close miss often (making me think im better at this game than i am haha). The AI are tricky to shoot which is great since it adds challenge to the game. If i were to nit pick at something it would be cool to see a night phase (i might have just not been good enough to get to see one). The sprites look very nice as well. Overall an amazing clone!

I liked the way the trees spawned in it felt like a real test of my reaction skills! The sound and screen shake on death  was also a nice addition the game and made it feel more intense. The bikers seemed to get stuck in different positions and it wasn't able to get them to line up with player field of view. I couldn't figure out how to shoot : (  but overall a good clone. 

Awesome clone! Love the change change in control scheme it works super well and feels way more intuitive that the original. I really like the way you kept the directing of the projectile after it is shot adds some skill to your shots. One change i would suggest is making the tree density a bit higher since I found i dont find myself having too many of those quick last minute saves that make the game very exciting. Overall an amazing clone!