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Really unexpected jumpscares, and really fun game! It was the last game I played in this video

Incredibly well made game, considering it was made in 24 hours, it was really cool! (it was the first game I played in this video)

Amazing Game! the 2nd game I played in this video!

I played your 
I played your game in this video, and it was really good, the spiders were disgusting, and I got so stressed out by it. I just wish the game was longer

In this video I tried out your game, and I really liked, the music was so fitting, and I cant wait to try the full game

This game was so good, I didnt expect it to end like that at all haha

I loved this game, so creepy

Hilarious game! I would love to see more work from you :D

Really easy and short game, not bad

I loved the story in this game. The characters were great, really creepy, and just a great game in general... 10/10


the best game i've ever played

really good game! can't wait for more

most romantic experience of my life

One of the scariest games I have played in a while

One of the best free horror games I have played in a while, really creepy!

Amazing game! really creepy 

I was really surprised about this game. I was laughing at it in the beginning, but it actually gave me some of the same creepy vibes as Slender!

Really good game, I didn't know a lowpoly character could be this scary...

very good, short and very scary game. Loved it!

Amazing game, goosebumps through all of it 

loved it!

loved the game!

really creepy game

Insanely creepy game, but I loved it!

Loved the game! 

Love the game!

I tried this game out on my yt channel lmao