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Game definitely loads faster and runs faster now!

Lesbian scenes too? Looks like Kincaid is getting a "balanced diet" on her tour of the planet ;)

Click on the closest Pokeball

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As someone who loves pixel art, it was neat to get a glimpse of the thought process. Thanks for posting this!

Not exactly sure where this is going, but it's off to a good start.

Looks great as always!

Thanks, adjusting my cookies got everything working perfectly!

Thanks! It turns out that my cookies whitelist wasn't working properly. It works now.

Are there any plans to port this game into a different engine, since Flash is being dropped by most browsers?

Is anyone else having trouble opening the web version? The loading bar completes and I hear a "meow", but then I get a black screen.

I keep getting "Error: no valid storage adapters found"

Always great to see these updates. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful little game! The animation is very smooth and the bonus is a nice touch.

Lesbian scenes in Kincaid? Big if true!

I think the pacing of combat is in a pretty good place right now, but the possibility for more attacks and combo options is certainly intriguing!

Hmm... must be a browser issue then. The words "Saved" always appear at the terminals.

I also found out that if you keep running straight into the lizard-men, they can't hit you with their slingshots.

Awesome update as always! It is so amazing to watch the game develop so much with each release.


  • Good platforming! A bit challenging in some places, but the fun kind of challenge.
  • Music is pretty good, sets the atmosphere nicely.
  • Art is amazingly detailed! Both in-game and during the game-over screens, I can tell a lot of work was put into those.


  • Learning curve is definitely steeper. People who haven't played the previous version may struggle a bit in some places.
  • Save points don't seem to work on the browser version - I always respawn at the start with all my progress removed.
  • Maybe have an extra slider for the sex sounds instead of combining it with the sound effects?

Overall, this game is incredibly well done given that it is still a work in progress.

Love the concept. I hope you expand on this game!

Awesome game! I hope you expand on it and make a longer version some time in the future.

If I may suggest something, maybe a time trial mode with randomly generated maps, and perhaps some kind of visual queue so players know when their echo is charged.

Here's the winning strategy:

Use Gale's wind magic to turn the flower tiles into fire tiles and deal damage. Try selecting flower tiles that are adjacent to fire tiles. Once you are out of flower tiles, switch to using earth magic.

Use Inori's water magic to deal damage. Once you are out of water tiles to use, use her life magic on the forest tiles to recover health for your party. This will also generate more fire tiles, so like with Gale, try making large groups of fire tiles.

Ricard's strategy is the simplest: use fire magic.

Thanks! I've been looking for a font like that!

What font did you use for in the launch trailer?