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Sand Gardeners

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hey! just stopping in to say that I exclusively look for confusing games to play. I love playing games I don't understand and can't figure out, just as I enjoy reading your comments despite me not being able to work out your process of logic lmaoooo. I reckon colorfiction is going to "go very far" with this "game making", by which I mean he's pushing the medium into a good place! abstraction let's goooo

We're sorry to hear your flight was cancelled. We wait on news from the pilot. Hopefully we can get you folks moving soon.

Hi there, on 2 different Macs I have tried to open this, both times it says the app is damaged and cannot be opened.

thanks v much! the music is available to download here:

all donations will go to the same prison reform organisations as donations to the game

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thanks kuiwi :)

it's mostly Old Loths'' work!

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Bonjour Igor,

Bien que tout le monde soit le bienvenu à participer à la game jam sur, les locaux de l'école sont réservés aux étudiant·e·s et invité·e·s du groupe. Cependant, la plupart des participant·e·s ne sont pas de l'école, il devrait y avoir du monde sur Internet.

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Hello Leaffar,

Sorry to hear you're having such issue with our game... I'm not sure how it can be fixed, I'd recommand switching the game definition to 1920x1080 if you can... Otherwise we'll try to upload a new version with a fix soon as we'll be working again on this game for a while!

This is really lovely. I found myself roleplaying as Time or Winter or something.

Although the silence works wonders I can't help but imagine what sounds would fit well here. Crunching leaves become crunching boots in snow?


this is the most fantastic thing ever

thank you so much! really kind words :) definitely keen to work in bitsy again in the future!

Thank you so much Sebastian, your comments and responses are always interesting and rewarding to read! That was indeed the way the 'ending' was intended to be! Make of that what you will ;)

beautiful game! loved exploring and lovely writing :)

totally is

thanks so much! we're definitely thinking of taking ideas from this and applying them to a larger project in the future!

thank you so much! really glad some people are liking it!

maybe, maybe not

sorry, we hope we didn't mislead. it's more of a tone/atmosphere-centric piece. there might be something to do, but probably not. mysteries vs puzzles

do you mean like a bug?

not right now, but in the future we are planning on adding multiple endings!