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Sand Gardeners

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This is really lovely. I found myself roleplaying as Time or Winter or something.

Although the silence works wonders I can't help but imagine what sounds would fit well here. Crunching leaves become crunching boots in snow?


this is the most fantastic thing ever

thank you so much! really kind words :) definitely keen to work in bitsy again in the future!

Thank you so much Sebastian, your comments and responses are always interesting and rewarding to read! That was indeed the way the 'ending' was intended to be! Make of that what you will ;)

this is so beautiful! really really lovely!

beautiful game! loved exploring and lovely writing :)

totally is

thanks so much! we're definitely thinking of taking ideas from this and applying them to a larger project in the future!

thank you so much! really glad some people are liking it!

maybe, maybe not

sorry, we hope we didn't mislead. it's more of a tone/atmosphere-centric piece. there might be something to do, but probably not. mysteries vs puzzles

do you mean like a bug?

not right now, but in the future we are planning on adding multiple endings!