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heh. Thank you so much for playing and recording. The WebGL version has fixes that you might want to try out. Steam version is coming soon. 

Thanks for playing and recording!

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Thanks for the video! Remember to put steam version on your wishlist --- ;) 

Some bugs get fixed in webgl version, aiming for tomorrow.

thank you so much for playing! It was made in 3-4ish days. New Steam version will have more content

if game does not work please get Steam version on your wishlist: 


Thank you so much for recording the video!

And yes, a new chapter is coming. is going to Steam ;)

jacksepticeye plays Barry:

:D thank you so much for playing and recording! In the version you play there is a bug that causes xray gaze and gets you unfairly. In the new version that goes to Steam (by the way) the gaze is fixed. As soon as the game gets approved I'd be hapoy to give you a Steam key. Really liked the video and the "food magician". :)

they are features

yes. That is going to be in Steam. 

What an awesome playthrough! That was so close! :) Thank you so much for playing and recording the video. 

Arm thing is working as intended ;D 

that was well done. I havent seen anyone hide that much behind the tv :) and it was only a hip... ;)

Thank you so much for playing the game and recording the video. I really really appreciate the time and effort it took to do that :) Everybody is busy. 

heh. Thank you so much for playing. That seems to be the original version. New build 10 has only four days and an ending. And some bugs fixed. Next update fixes few gaze issues. 

Great video. I really appreciate you taking time to play and record the session. 

Thanks for playing and recording! Really appreciated

Big thank you for taking time to play, and record that. Really appreciated :)

Heh that was awesome video. Got me smiling :) Thank you so much for taking time to play & record this.

One more video:


And one more:

Yet another youtube video (playing post-jam version)

More videos:

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heh. good stuff, thanks for playing & including it!