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Thank you for encouraging! I'll keep produce more packs.

Thank you! Yes, I'm working on packs like that.

Thank you! Hope it useful for you!

I really like the samurai and ninjas but since all packs are now focus on western medieval so it will be long time for me to make another packs!

The small character bundle have a bit origin issue. 

For other packs, mostly they will stand in same place, so you can free to choose origin a bottom center of character.

ohhh thank you! Your game style looks unique. Good luck with this game!

it have only left and right. the "top down" is perspective view.

Thank you!

I see. I'm going to split old bundle to bundles and group new asset to new bundle.

thank you!

no, only side facing.

great suggestion! I will add to the list!

Hi, Sorry I'm not available for hiring work!

Thank you! I'll work on some buildings later. Right now working on demon character packs.

Thank for purchase my assets! However the reduce price is only when buying a bundle. You may need to wait the next bundle discount to get the reduce prices.

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Yes! Thank you! There will be upcoming demons!

Hi , the only offer paypal and stripe i think. not option for credit card yet.

let me check and make an update, sorry for delay. Was busy on new pack.

Thank you!

Thank you! I dont have plan for up and down animations as it will triple the time.

Yes! Thank you!

Yeah, I already planned it. How do you know it. haha

I dont take commission work. Quite busy on projects.

ah not yet. there are planned packs alreay in line need to be done first.

I've plan for this kind of set but it will come a bit later.

Yes, there will be  demon/devil packs with different design for top down views.

Thanks for your comment! However I'm quite busy at the momment and can't take custom works!

yes, It will include in a Herb pack for top down.

do you mean cannabis? it's very nice suggestion! I will add it in the next pack!

Top-down perspective refers to a camera angle that shows players and the areas around them from above. 

Top down will be better if they have up and down animations but nowaday alot of indie games use left and right animations only to save time , save budgets to make games. 

some of popular indie games use only left and right animation are Stoneshard, kingdom rush , vampire survivor , Forager , the unliving ..etc 

Thank you! Im not looking for co-op project. 

Thank you!

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Yes, GM is easier than Unity. It have more simple in structure and script. However I think Unity have many advances than GM which are beyond my knowledge.

I used . This asset pack included all the scripts. 

Thank you!

yes, please send me an email. mention the email you used to purchased. 

you can find my email in my profile page

They are same resolution but different view. they are built for top down while loreon for sideway only. 

It give a better overall aesthetic when drawing correctly with game view.

also they are same characters but some are totally different. 

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Yes I'm quite like this approach as it make my workflow convenience and bring better choices for many type of games.

I'm focusing on top down only and it will took me quite long to archive plans so in short time I dont have plan for side scroller yet.

Sorry I missed your comment. Its only have left and right direction (use flip) but it designed for top down view.