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I just finished the update for

Now I'm working on small monster assets then I will continue to work on environment stuff.

Thank you!

Yes, I will expand more buildings!

Yeah! Thank you for your kind words! Also a big thank you for credit me on your game!

Yeah, I'm still working on more and more assets and I hope your projects will go so well!

Thank you for your kind work! More will come!

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I'm sorry to who purchased the Medieval Villager House as I can't provide an update after 2 days.

I come from Asia and we are on the Lunar New Year holiday so I can't focus on work during this time.

I also working slowly on a new monster asset which will be released tomorrow. I keep trying to release a new set every week so I can bring fresh content and feel a better process on making assets rather than focus on 1 asset/month.

But keep in mind, after finish this set, I'll come back to working on the planned update for Medieval Villager House asap!

Thank you for understand!

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Yeah, they were already planned on another set with the same style.

It's a good point. Actually almost every monster can be a ranger monster by using a missile projectile effect which I'm going to make it!

Yeah, thanks for your kind words!

No, Im not

Thank you for your feedback. Let me check and do a fix if I see it!

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I would like to thank anyone who purchased our assets. Your support is great and the main reason we are continues to draw more and more.

We are focusing on Medieval only.

As arts took a lot of time to draw and polish, we can't focus on too many eras and different themes. We are completed focusing on Medieval time only so we can bring a lot of asset options for your indie game project. 

We are working hard on Characters and environments.

The biggest assets are character and environments which is we keep doing both. Sometimes we will make effects, items, GUI. 

We are trying so hard to bring a lot of assets for your games. As assets from another artist could be a bit hard to work together. Our target is to create a big library of Pixel Art assets so you can choose for your game projects.

Art is expensive and we always have a budget problem.

If you are making your own games, budget assets will be huge if you hire Pixel Artist doing for your own. The price of the asset we are selling here is only 1-3% of the price if you hire an experienced Pixel Artist. So it's a huge save for you to purchase our assets.

We need your support to continue our work.

We spend a lot of time creating assets. Lucky, people buy and come back. The income from selling the asset is not enough for the spent time but it's ok for us in long run. 

Being continuous to make assets is hard as the income need to be good enough to support the spent time. We believe we are one of the most active teams in this market who is working hard on making game assets.

We worked hard for more than a year and we hope we can continue this work! If you have any ideas, suggestion just let us know!

Thank you for reading this boring text and I hope you a good day and your game project is going great!

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However, the main topic I'm focusing on is environments. A lot of environment sets will be delivered soon. Like this medieval building set.

Some concept arts monsters for next assets! Just done Bee and Porcupine.

I would love to hear your suggestion/idea here. 

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Here is the topic I used to post my work in progress so you can know which asset I'm working on.

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Commission closed!

I still get art commission work and my rating is $15/hour. $100/day. My email is

However before book me you need to know that animation work normally will take a lot of time and will cost a lot rather than static draw like environment props.

A simple character will need at least 30-40 frames for animations and each frame need to be careful to draw and need to draw slowly to make it work perfectly with other frames.

So it's simple to understand that drawing a full animation character will cost 30x than drawing a simple prop like a table, tree. 

An example character like this one will cost around $200-300

while an environment pack like this one will cost around $200

This community used to post about our work-in-process, our plans, and tutorials. You can click subscribe to get the latest news from us. We are having many plans and will be revealed here!

- We love to hear feedback from you guys.


Thank you for suggestion! I already planned to make a wild animal set! Stay updated!

oops! I missed your comment. You are free to edit/improve asset to fit your needs!

Sorry for the late reply. I missed your comment. 

When doing the jump animation. there are 3 parts:
jump prepare - no loop

jump air - loop

jump land - no loop

You need to make the jump air loop so it makes like it bouncing on the air.

Yeah. Since the vertical position is primary and connects between all fly animation so the dragon needs to switch back to vertical before landing which is normal. 

The game looks great! Keep working on it!

Thank you!

I'm focusing on making many different medieval environments as well as packages to make the environment richer! They will be release continues after weeks!

Thank you for purchased! Im working on several projects and will make that fire effect too

Thank you and I hope it's going great!

this pack included single frame sample sprites for testing purpose before decide to buy the full pack.

so the sprites in this pack are not free for commercial use until you purchase packs.

Thank you for continuous buying! 

Congrats on your game! And thank you for support me! I hope your game will doing great!

Thank you for support! Im working on more assets!

I can't access to the channel anymore so I can't find the name. Sad.

Thank you for suggestion. I want to focus on action animation because it will useful and easy to fit many people's need!

Yeah, I see it just like your avatar. haha

Thank you for your kind words!

Hi, I just get back to work! The music is free music from youtube which avaiable for anyone to use. 

Thank you for purchased! I hope your game is going great!

Thank you for kind words!

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Yeah, this bat just being released and added to this bundle yesterday and the pricing is a bit different. You can buy the bat now as it still in good discount.

yes you can


No worry. I will check and refund when I get to my computer. Thank you for purchased!