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You can download it and check it.

Hi, I just tried and it looks the process normally. Maybe the problem with or PayPal. Could you send me an email to so I can help you with paying?

oops. Let me take a look at this!

I dont understand. what do you mean?

Thank for your interesting! I'm working so hard to releasing it as soon as possible!

Hi, Currently I dont have plan yet. However when I release another character pack with a giant sword , I'll update the giant sword for this pack!

Thanks for interesting! Currently, I don't have the plan to add more animations as it already has nearly 100 unique animations. 

I could make the next asset pack that has many extra animations like moving-attack, jump-attack ... but I'm still not planning yet as I afraid not many people want to use it. 

Thank you for purchased and following! I'm glad its work for you. Would love to see your next game with Unity! 

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much!

I just put an enemy concept on development log. you may interesting on them!

Thank you for liking it! I'll releasing more characters and enemies. Stay updated! 
I also just put an enemy concept on development log. you may interesting on them!

Thank you! 

Thank you for purchased! I'll update enemy sketch  soon!

Thank you! It took me and another artist worked on this for 2 months!  it have 3 color variants so it have around 1200 unique frames.

I just release my new game asset here :
Its perfectly for you to make Platformer, side scrolling or many same type of games. It's On Sale for a week so dont miss it!

I just release my game asset here :

But I cant see it on Most Recent tab :

So I can't get any views.

Can anyone help me? Or it need take few days to appear here?