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Oh my God. This is so creative and i am crying all along playing this game till the end. I was bored at the work and this game cheers me up to keep going. Thank you for making such a beautiful story!

I am surprised by the soundtrack, feel eery and outworldly. But to be honest this should be the best soundtrack ever in game haha. I had a very good experience throught out the game, i feel refreshed after a long day. This kind of game also had it’s potential if you wanna add some purpose. Still the game is already good for me to play.

I see, that’s great! Will looking forward to it in the future! I hope anything you’ll have in your game will have a great result! I am really glad that you are happy with my comment, i hope it didn’t bother you since i talk a lot hehe. A very good luck on your full length project! :D

Awww this is so adorable! Even this game only took like minutes, but this game had a lot of world building going around and had a lot of potential. I really love this short trip!

Ah sorry for the late reply. I would love to see the compact story of why there is ‘Glitch’ and the spell, it would be good if you make your own universe, especially with the encouraging NPC haha. Maybe you need to have some kind of ‘villain’? It don’t always need to be a living being, it can be an apocalypse, a threatening causes, or anything. This game had that kind of potential! Or it could just about journey of the Glitch Girl, i would to see who is she, who is that NPC, why she need to get throught everything, why some glith=ch is your enemy, what kind of force the checkpoint is. It feels like Glitch Dungeon can be ‘technical’ in both story and gameplay, it’s like everything inside the game can have its own lore. For the Gameplay itself is already good! Maybe made another kind of spells? and give more challenge to the puzzle, so it can have more spaces to tell more story.

But if the storytelling is kinda overwhelming, i am still okay if the Glitch Dungeon become more depth in it’s puzzle and game design, i am looking for more complex stages, especially the metroidvania-like game is already a big plus for this game! Maybe just add some purpose and objectives so player keep engaging with the game and stay longer. Oh also don’t forget to have some kind of collectibles, having multiple ending is also good!

It’s just some advice and what kind of game i’d love to see from this game, but at the end i would love to see how any enchanment from you! Also don’t forget to take all of your time! I hope everything goes well :D

Thank you so much! I don’t want to redistribute it since i really adore the original (and i will never redistribute anything). Wish you had a great day and thank you for sharing <3

Awww thank you so much! I am still learning on game developing and wanna try to make my own pixel art even i am not an artist haha, but i am intrigued by your art! Thank you so much Studio SoulAres! :D

This is amazing pixel art assets! Can i modify it? It’s for my learning purpose, but i will credit you if i put it in a game or something, is it okay?

Thank you so much for amazing free assets, i really love all of your asset! But can i do some modify to your assets? like making template from your tile and change it’s color. It’s for my learning purpose, but i will credit your page and link, is it okay to do that?

Thank you for your information, will looking forward to it! Hope everything went well :)

The game sooooo fun! The entire spells really did a great job. Remind me of Top Banana game, but in a good way. Everything fit perfectly, how the spirte camouflage among the tileset, how every spell give it touch to how i can feel throught out the game, and most importantly the level design is so brilliant! Also this game feels so special because the NPC always encourage me even though i spiked a lot, that’s the most wholesome aspect i love from this game. Oh and the ending is very rewarding! I love how the witch hat sprite move physically haha.

Thank you so much for the game! May i know if the game is gonna had a longer version with your own story and sprites maybe? I’d love to buy and play!

I just realize i had Time Obsession and a lot in this game, it feels so refreshing. I am smiling, even the Grim Reaper is also smiling. Thank you! :)

Okay to be honest english is not my native language, so i might be lose context on some of it. But damn, it chills my spine, i got a goosebumps at the end. This feels so good. I love it!