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omg this is such a great game, IM OBSESSED. I love this game. thank you so much for this game. I got all the endings but every single one of the LETHE endings broke me sm 😭 such a well-written game and story. music is immaculate too,  

Alexei is my favourite but reminds me of Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen 😭💗

Honestly loved the characters so much. The art style and story telling were amazing. The voice acting was really top notch. Such an amazing game, obsessed w it. Loved it too much <3 

Loved this game so much. Even after 6 years it holds up so well! The story was so cute, I played through all the endings, they were all so fun!!! Thank you for the amazing game <3

I'm so sad that it never got a full proper ending but I've come to terms with where it ended. it was so wholesome. I love the characters sm. I want sm more of this game. It did feel a bit weird to play it in silence but other than that, *chefs kiss*

I am actually screaming right now. I cannot wait for the update, the demo was so good. The bear puns and cafe are such a cute detailed theme to add to the story. But oh my god, this shit is so good, I need more of Ozzy, Arthur and the MC. Like actually. 

Playing all these games I had downloaded months ago and I find out that you were the dev for some of these and being so in love w your games. I love your games, all your characters and stories are so well-written. This game is amazing. I CANT 😭💗

i didnt know it was one of those adventure type of games so I was almost not interested till I actually gave it shot. please I love each and every one of them. I NEED MORE OF THEM ALL. THEYRE ALL SO CUTE <3

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I'm actually screaming!!! THIS GAME WAS SO GOOD. I LOVE THEM 3 AND AHHHH I CAN'T WAIT FOR BRIAR ROUTE. I played the friendship and romantic routes for all 3. They're all my favourites. Please take your time with Briar route (is what I want to say but my soul is screaming for it 😭). Thank you for this amazing game. The artstyle, the character writing, even the minigames were such a nice touch you don't see often. It's all just chef's kiss. Can't wait for the new content!!!!!


No like, actually, wth. this game was so freaking good and that goddamn ending bro. I DIDNT EXPECT IT AT ALL. IT WAS ONE TWIST AFTER ANOTHER. YOU HAD ME CHOKING. I LOVED THE STORY SM. The graphics were pretty too!! but man, that was one crazy plot twist. thank you for the awesome game

this is so sad, sobbing and crying right now. i loved how beautiful this game was and how heartwarming it was. thank you for doing gods work and finding out for us about it <3

Had this game downloaded for a while and finally got around playing it. It was so beautiful, the animation style, the story telling and the voice acting was really good too. The concept seemed so interesting. I came to the page expectantly because I need so much more of this game. I loved the demo. Thank you for creating this amazing game. because AHHHHHHH I NEED MOREEE

(Idk why this game didn't blow because it's literally so freaking good. I hope more people see this and enjoy it as much as I did. It truly touched my heart)



The voice-acting team did so well!! It was a shame they didn't continue but the game, the plot, the writing, and the characters are just amazing and perfect! I loved it all.

Lots and lots of love to this game!

Omg this is so good!! I love Kira. I got all the endings but I need more sobs. I just finished playing your Sanguine's demo (I had it downloaded from months ago it took me so long to find out you were the dev, I hope it makes a comeback, ITS LITERALLY SO GOOD. SCREAMING THROWING UP FOR NERO)

this is so beautiful. it is so cute. amazing voice acting too!! AHHHHHHH  I LOVE IT SO MUCH. thank you for the game <3

Ahhh. I didn't know this was a demo. crying. this was such a beautiful demo. i actually had tears when nero started talking about how he wished he was human in the end of the demo. PLS I NEED MORE OF THE GAME AHHH

i loved this game so much. the characters and voice actors are amazing. obsessed and in love with Kalei. as an adult scooby-doo obsessed fan with social anxiety myself, this game spoke to me. the art style and dialogues were well written. so glad I found your page, I'll be sure to check out the rest of your games and can't wait for more of your stories! 

Thank you so much for dropping this game for us! <3 

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hope you were able to find it bcus I downloaded it and was able to play the amazing game! i know it may seem obvious but did you try redownloading it? 

Can't begin to explain how beautiful the story and the storytelling was. Brought me to tears when we find out at the end that the 2 characters (to avoid spoiling) were friends. Hoping to see a 2nd chapter <3

if you're fast enough you can just light up 2 between every prayer but there's no time limit so you can focus on lighting one candle per prayer. you can press the left and right arrows one by one. 

loved the game, it was really interesting. loved all the endings too!! it was great <3

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when i started playing the game, i didn't think it'd be this good but omg, it was so good. my heart was beating at the last scene. can't wait to see more of the story unfold. this is amazing!!! the story, the artstyle, voice acting and characters are so well done! <3

ahhh this game was so good, it was so entertaining!!! usually i skip through a lot of boring dialogues in games but this game had me hooked fr. i'm obsessed. can't wait for the new update!!! happy holidays and good luck with school stuff!!! 

when I tell you that the story had me tied in, holy shit. i was so drawn into the story and I'm dying to know what happens further. I'm obsessed. the story, art style, and graphics are impeccable. is the only way to read further by getting the Patreon?

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i loved the fun little game!! I wish I could see more of the characters and the "secret" but this was still a fun game <3 thank you for the cute game!!