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A member registered Mar 20, 2020

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Loved it!

Breathtaking. I don't even noticed how deeply I was hooked in the story, until I realised how long I was sitting, listeting to this beautiful tune...

Thank you for a nice ride! I've had a lot of fun. Loved the graphical style and animations + pretty nice side-quest. Overall - your work is amazing! 

The only issue I've had - the game was running in a small window for some reason. But it was as playing on the GameBoy, so I completed it anyway:)

Found a lot of missing last letters in some words + some minor grammar mistakes. I think you should rewrite the dialog options to be in one particular style - they are a bit messy.

But I liked the story a lot. The general idea is great and I loved your structure. Definitely want to try Ink now!:)