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Wanted to play but couldn't... head-bob messes me up and this one had alot. Please include option to turn it off

I just realized you made Giselle too! Yeah, I like your stuff. The timer feature and random rooms... this definately was more technically sophisticated than most RPG maker games. Anywho... Kanpai!

This really was a fun lil game. I hope you're able to keep creating.

Really like you stuff! I'm pulling some of this into a game i'm working on. It would be my first, so we'll see if I finish >.<''... but if so I'll come back and credit and drop a link!

For those who can't type "throw spore" fast enough

That was *really* good. Maya's voiceactress was great, and the art on the collectables was superb. 

I had a major problem though... headbob. If I can't turn off headbob, the motionsickness gets me. (I know, I'm old and lame). Please include that option in the future. It's hard for me to get through them otherwise. 

Also, did this feel a bit "wheel of time" to anyone else?

Imagining the pile of floppies needed for 29Mb....

Man, this game's getting some hate in the comments! idk, I liked it. Interesting mechanic... Anyone else feel like they're playing splatoons?

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Excellent! Smooth and immersive in so many ways. Especially superb use of lighting! 

The jumpscaresque flashes were a face flashes were cliche, but used sparingly enough that i think they added (it happened twice i think?). I didn't like the red mist though. 

I'm not sure if this is just a limitation of the medium, but I've always felt unseen monsters are way scarier than seen ones. I'm not sure there's really a way you can run and hide from an immediate threat in a game without seeing the monster (original amnesia took a go at it once I suppose), but if there was a way to be (or at least feel) hunted without actually seeing the monster... but again, not sure there's really a good way to do it. 

Really enjoyed it though!

Quick amendment -- The game didn't have a "disable headbob" option. Had I purchased this on steam, I would have returned it immediately as that triggers my motion sickness.

For what are the outer hells to such silent and slippery flyers as own not Nyarlathotep for their master, but bow only to potent and archaic Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss?

This really was outstanding. 

Short, simple and sweet. I also loved the music. 

For all the Giselle out there, you matter to me.


Found a bug! If you click on this space ("interact with this space" might be a more correct term) then the controls stop working... except for the save button, which is exactly what you DON'T want to do after you've broken the game!!!

I do alot of horror and thrillers. It's pretty rare for something to give me the creeps, but this did it. Hope to see more. 

Some of the spaces you can and can't walk are confusing, especially with the dead trees and southern cave walls. Might be an area to look at.