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Just finished playing it and it was really fun. I loved the cult leader bert level and that part where you're in the basement and you have to collect the orbs while that monster was wandering around actually felt kinda spooky lol. Good game.

Good game

Hey Fred, how are you doing? I noticed that you haven't really posted a game in almost a year, and it seems like your Twitter account was deleted. Are you doing ok?

"Summon Gun_BP_C" is the command


I'm not Dave, but how much space do your computers have?

Even though the zipped game file is 2 GB, when fully extracted it's 14 GB. So i'm assuming your computer space is lower then 14. If it isn't then idk lol.

WOOOO new update!!!

Ohhhhhh ok

I'm almost at the end of the game, But I don't understand how the "Hardcore" level works. I keep dying and i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do to avoid it.

This is one of your best games yet, I really like it so far. 10/10

Good game, I wasn't able to beat it tho lol

Good game

Just finished all the nights (Except for hard mode) and I really liked it. Good game.

Nah, I used the cheat code for the other stuff but I got Lu for real.


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I found a bug where Roogus spawned inside of the corn in the filthy fields arcade mode, I'm not sure why, He's just in there and he can't get out.

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I played through this and beat all the challenges and stuff, And I think this game is really good!

But one thing I'd like to suggest is to maybe be able to raise the amount of enemies in arcade mode kind of like how the challenges did. Like having 3 Yunders, Or 7 Chumbos. But you don't have to do it though. It's just a suggestion.

In the game, There's a FNAF styled minigame that you can play. But you can only unlock it by collecting all the goofy goober tokens in each level.

Before this game came out, The creator had a lot of people test it. His friends, His patrons, And even youtubers. Literally everyone has gotten through this game without too much difficulty. Sorry, But you just suck at the game. And that isn't Dave's fault.

Ah, Ok.

What are the two more games you plan to release?

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In the Christmas challenge and the valentines challenge maps. Pressing spacebar still slows down gameplay. (Including if you go in those maps in Chaos mode)

I finally beat the game! It was really hard.

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It’s fine. I’ll still try to beat it.

This game is really good! But I haven't beaten it yet. It's really hard. Do you have any tips on beating it?

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At least it only lags my computer a little. So it's not much of a problem.

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Can you add graphics settings to Doofie's dunker?