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its awesome! i wish i got to see the end though. good luck fixing it!

thanks! :)

if there is an effect that involves flashing lights in my game, do i need a warning or is it not allowd at all?

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right-click on the file and press extract all. this will make another file that you can actually use. the file with a zipper on it is unusable and is a file format you cant open without extracting for security reasons. its the only kind you can put online to prevent malware. for more info, search "how to extract zip folder".

its on miziziziz channel not this one.

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if your making stuff like this use processing 3 not some fancy game maker. i could make this with processing in 1 minute (excluding image design). also, i can leave the screen and play forever.


i think that for unity, the controllers would be considered transforms. they shouldnt be too hard.

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glad i'm not the only one who thinks 'hollywood' is a verb that means stupidly dramatic :).

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awesome game. please play mine. i just need a few more ratings. 🥺

i'll do that right now.

how do you play?

oh, ok :)

the birds that cannot be hit have already been hit. the collider is disabled so that the bird can fall out of the screen.

this is amazing!

this is amazing!

great game. cant see the theme though.

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3 days later...

this game is amazing! wish more people would play it :/

yea, i assumed everyone would make a button that makes the player go backwards so i thought the best thing i could do was be creative. thanks for the nice feedback!

this was a really good game!

i really needed this! my game only has 7 ratings. please play it.

i didn't get it but it was fun to play for a little while. great work!


good game. it probably could have used a nice creepy soundtrack though.

can you upload a .zip rather than a ,rar please? i cant use .rar

i didn't like the controls but the game was fun and challenging!

i didn't like the controls but the game was fun and challenging!

please create a .zip version because i cant open .rar files.

i never expected it to turn into bullet hell so quickly! but why would you submit a godot game in a brackeys game jam? brackeys is a youtuber who makes UNITY tutorials.

it's fun to play but it doesn't match the theme. also, the blue guys kill eachother 😂 .

i tried to make a plane crash sound effect with the frequency getting lower as the bird gets closer to the ground and then an explosion, but i couldn't manage to. i ended up clapping into a microphone for sound. as for the graphics, i could have used 3d models but i tried to focus on making it fun in time for the game jam since this is my first one. I'm not so sure i like the blood effects idea but if i make a fighting game again, ill try it as a setting that is off by default. thanks for the feedback! :)


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when i pres 'E' i can go to next levels and win instantly. but awesome game! also, how do you rewind them?

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on windows, return is called enter. i think you should clarify that in the game. its really fun though, and i'll never know how you made that rewind effect. really cool.

i cant jump or restart, but everything else is great!


i cant move.