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Cool game I like the message in it only feel like it needs a definitive endning unless I didn't finish it without knowing. Did a Let's Play on my channel feel free to check it out if you want to.

I wasn't sure about this game at first while it has absolutely gorgeous art, it was a little bit slow at the start but some of the stuff the character said stuck with me so I went back to it and now I'm uploading a second part. Awesome job I am hooked ^_^ 

This game was awesome, I died a lot off camera and still had an awesome time. I love the nod to the first game with the chicken eating at the cafe. I'm excited to see where you go from here.

I've never played a game like this before, I'm not good at horror games and I loved the game ^_^ it was scary, funny, kind cute in some parts and very creative.  

Aside from the mouse sensitivity this was amazing, scared me more than it should have and just fun to play.

Dude anytime the game was awesome ^_^

Not gunna lie I thought she was a librarian who slays demons as a side job and if so I'd love a story about her life. 

I loved this game so cute and fun. I don't really have a following that can help sorry, I'm new to YouTube.

Have only just started playing I'll admit but I'm already invested and in-love with the options. My only two requests would be could we be aloud to change the characters hair a bit more say two colours?, my second is something that I think could take the game to the next level which is could we possibly get voices for the characters you interact with?  I'd be happy to lend mind and I'm sure alot of others would be happy to help out too if you'd like or even just those funny noises they make in visual novels, you know to give you an idea of the tone or what they might sound like. Please don't misunderstand I love the idea of making the player give them their own voice I just thought it could be fun and take the game from 100 to 150 :) just for the record though even if you don't make these changes I'll still love the game  so no stress.