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Hello, thanks for your message, Sorry but for the moment there is no mac version. Only windows .exe

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It is thank for this game, that I started to produce videos games, ten years ago !! Thank a lot !!

I'm sorry i didn't know. I will try to find a solution !!

Thanks !

Sorry,  Thanks for the reply. I  will try to fix it !! 

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Thanks for your comments ! Yes for the normal end, you just need to avoid that slope ! =) 

Thanks! You probably missed the restaurant. They make a very good steak frites !! 

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Thanks, do you test the low quality? For the skiing section i don't see the problem with the camera ?? I'm glad you like the esthetic. 

Thanks for the video! I'm sorry for the bugs, your are the first that tell me that??

Thanks, I upload a linux version !!

thanks =)

Thanks !

Thanks for playing my game,  it's a good idea to have the snow as an option.
really need to add free look on the ski lift !

Thanks a lot, yes there is an end. The ski resorts close at 6pm !!

I'm sorry, for the bug. The game has little bug and I don't have the time to fix it.

Thanks for the video !!

Great Game !! Thanks

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Sorry, my shader didn't works on mac. I don't know why?

Thanks a lot !!! 

Thanks a lot. I glad you like my game and managed to finish it.

Thank you for your feedbacks. 

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If you download my game and play it, please tell if you find bugs.

the game is ready to download !! 

nice game =) !!