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This is so janky, next time you make a game just use WASD keys for movement and the spacebar for jumping. Name me one popular game in 2022 that actually uses the arrow keys for movement. This isn't 2015, take notes from games better than yours.

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How do you get ending #10? I'm a bit stuck (browser version)

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Literally made an account to comment on how disappointed I am.

Everything is praisable except for the attack patterns. You can tell that the devs don't know what they're doing in that regard and just saw a bunch of fancy bullet hell games with actually complex thought-out patterns and decided to chop up all of those ideas to make one Frankenstein spaghetti pattern. 

It genuinely baffles me that the developers decided to combine very fast-paced attacks that require you to maneuver the battlefield with attacks that limit where and how you can move. Get very used to dodging widespread, directed, randomly generated, and lasting attacks that disrupt the battleground all at the same time with no way to heal! Don't forget you have to multitask that while attacking the enemy or else you can't progress!

Disappointed, because everything else is great except for the main aspect of the game, which is the gameplay.

EDIT: I take back everything said above, you can pet the dogs.