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oh I see. : o
It deserve way more sales! I think you music is pretty great. ^w^

Ooh, thank you : 3
Just bought it on Bandcamp, as well as your other music, keep up the great work! : D

Is it possible to buy the music somewere? : 3 The game is great overal, but IM in love with the soundtrack.

Im looking forward to see what you come up with! : 3

A quite fun and cute game, I would recommend it. Tough as Bridgs says the symbols were more incorporated in the actual flow of the match.

its a very cute game, with a pretty clever puzzle design, I hope you keep making games. : 3

An interesting idea with a clean and nice looking presentation, just keep in mind for a latter HTML game that the ALT key is usually a function key in many browsers : 3

I very cute well made game. : 3

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The idea is cute, and the point clear. But after finishing it I'm left with an undeniable feeling of, is that it?

The shooting was basic, no reloading or aiming and the health regen made the process more tedious then it needed to be.

Ironicaly I enjoyed the lead up part way more then the "actual game".

Conclusion: cute idea, but severely lacking in execution.