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I made a guide about the Companions.  It will show you how to find them, what are they good for and so much more. Check it out below:

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The game is very fun and challenging. 

The developer provided me with a key (Thank you) to make a video about this awesome game. Here is my let's play. 

yes. I had a healing flask for one character and I used it in combat , i tried all sort of clicking combination sand nothing worked. I will try it again since i know now what clicking combo to use XD  

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This game looks quite cool and I would be interested in covering it on my youtube channel.  Would you like that? Also would it be okay to play the music in the video or is it copyrighted?

Link to my channel:

Thank you. 

Btw I had an issue with items. I clicked on them and my character but nothing happened. 

9 Till Void community · Created a new topic Gameplay

This is a very cool game. I love how the position determines what spell you can use. It makes you try to move to a certain position but you still have to avoid all the enemies. 

Here is some gameplay for those curious:

I had a lot of fun with this game.  Here is a video.

I would like to make a let's play video with your game and monetise it on my youtube channel. Is that okay?

Very nice tower defense game. 

Here is some gameplay for those curious:

Here is some gameplay of the full version for those curious: 

This is a really fun puzzle like world builder. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Hi is there an email I could use to write to the developer? I would like to ask if he would be okay with me making a youtube video with the game and monetizing it. Thank you. 

Thank you for allowing me to make a video with the game. It is very cool and cute game :) 

Is there a way to contact the developer (ideally email)? I would like to ask about featuring the game on my youtube channel. Thank you

Core Defense community · Created a new topic Gameplay

This is a very fun game. I like the idea of having to choose which tower to pick and the upgrades and modules which make each run different. 

Very cool game!

I made a let's play with the Nihilo character. Check it out, if you'd like: 

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Great demo. I love the whole concept. I love the variety of monsters and traps and that we can choose between attacking enemy's health or morale.. It's a lot of fun.  Here is my let's play:

Very fun game. I highly recommend it. Here is my let's play of a prerelease version: 

The game is amazing. I love the graphics and the focus on the story. I highly recommend it. :)

Below is a first episode of my let's play if anyone is curious about the gameplay of the game.