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A member registered Apr 25, 2020

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this was not worth 11 minutes of my life

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it was nice but it was slower then a turtle covered in rust and my graphics card can run apex at meduim settings

im at the final level and all i've been doing is walking for the past 3 hours can ssomeone explain please

I love the game the only problem I had was the game forcing me to make an offset which constantly made me lose because the music wasn't right on time



hello, king of idiots here, i don't know how to get this working cause it only show me a gz file i can't open

i say hey let fuck, then it turns white lik

how come it crashes when i try to load a sex scene

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it downloads the game on your pc, so you have to go into your apps by pressing the window key(it took 5 seconds to think of this after downloading)

how many endings does this game have cause if i did beat this adorable as hell game in fucking 48 minutes with 3 endings, im gonna be mad 

"5 - 30 minutes each play-through" you say, i beat the game 100% in 29 minutes

can someone tell me how to load this game on pc