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The best / worst jumpscare I've ever had thank you rayll lol

Skip to 1:34 I had just came back after a mini break and was explaining where I've been but this game is fire pretty long  still worth the time!

Game is amazing! The puzzles gave me hard time trying to figure everything out ngl lol

I'll wait for the full game this is definitely something I plan on playing in the future keep it up!

Like the last comment said I was on the edge of my seat lol did get jumpscared a couple of times to the point where I needed a break. Really good short game though!

Happy to say that this game satisfied all the neds.. I mean needs of becoming a killer lol

First time playing this I had no idea what I was getting into lol Fire game nonetheless!

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Came back from a break and I regret it lol W game! 

I have never been more terrified of games like this great job! lol

took me awhile to get the demo working but it's a really solid game I'll be playing the full game upon release best believe that!

How to we get the demo to work it's stuck on Thinking lol been trying for an hour now.

I punked out lol Still the scariest game tho!

Game is fire I definitely didn't expect that jumpscare at the end lol

Liked the first one a tad bit better but nonetheless still fire game!

This game was combined with 2 scary games so don't mind the thumbnail but, Definitely fire game gives my PUPPET COMBO VIBES!

Game is definitely on the weird side but also I get the humor of it lol

Really fun game scary too can't wait for the full release!!

The storytelling and gameplay is so fire thanks again for you're hard work on this. Can't wait for Part 4!

Game is hilarious lol Great work man!

Honestly fire 8.5/10.  Would play again lol

Debating on whether I should play anymore of this lol

Game made me rethink being a pizza delivery boyy lol

Bro pls go touch some grass.

Gosh this game is good lol

I'm too scared to finish this ngl lol

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Game was so good I was too scared to finish it! lol

This update is so good man

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Game is hilarious and has a lot of endings it's really solid would recommend playing!

I can't w/ this game lol 

Tell me why I thought this game wasn't gonna be scary lol

I finally beat chapter 2 guys!!
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My walkthrough of poppy playtime chapter 2

Tired of this man baldie bruh.

Shrek bugging bruh lol

I flipped my mic being scared from this lol