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Thanks for playing! I have noticed that the character controller is wonky when playing in browser, but I haven't noticed the issue when I play the game straight out of the Godot engine, so it might be an issue.

Secondly, the darkness effect not working on that level is totally my bad, I forgot to turn it back on before updating the files on!

Thanks for playing! The game is intended to be difficult, but some of that difficulty lends itself to the way the game was coded. Hopefully I can one day make this game a little less frustrating to play!

This is a seriously amazing game, I loved every aspect of it! I especially liked the Lovecraftian inspiration. Good luck to your team! <3

This is game really well made especially given the time limit! I love the art style and story direction, overall a really polished game!

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New version of the game is up!

- Fixed issue with box in Level 1 where a mechanic is used that doesn't work in other levels.

- Fixed moving platforms so they don't reset when pressing the button again.

- Updated the levels both visually and in level design.

- Updated Tutorial and Credits screens so theme music still plays while looking at them.

- Removed Exit button since this a browser game so you can't really exit.

- Removed pause screen (for now) since they weren't working in other levels.

- Added a secret ending!