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I really did! It's one of my ancticipated releases :) That's a decent price, and I'll definitely snap that up! 

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Just wanted to say that I love the demo so much! Thank you for all the hard work you've put in :) How much do you estimate the full game to be? 

I really did and I'm sure the rest will be just as great!

You've done a great job and I can't wait for the rest :)

I just finished this and I loved it so much! I really didnt expect to like it as much as I did and I'm eagerly waiting for the rest. 

I just finished the demo and I'm really interested in seeing the full thing! I'm excited to see how we can shape the storyline. I'm usually really picky about the art but I loved it here. 

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Hi! From the little I've played so far, I think its great. I love When the Night Comes and Errant Kingdom does not disappoint either. This might sound like a really stupid question, however, but I play on a windows computer so when I launch the game, it takes over the whole screen. Is there not a save progress/quit button? The only way I could exit was pressing the windows button.