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I hope you’re keeping well. Thank you for the update! I’m glad things are progressing well and I’m really looking forward to the game :) 

I found your tunblr blog a while back and have been waiting for a demo to drop. I loved it!! Really like the art and loved the LIs. 

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Well, that was a ride. I'm sleepless but it was totally worth it! I loved hearing everyone's background.  It was good to piece together the little information we had been given and their reactions to the MC's heritage from the last episode was expected. Although June shutting down the MC was angsty and awful, I totally get why. And I liked it tbh. 

And Vexx.  Jesus Christ, what a man. Absolute snack, first & foremost. Him using the MC all this time- chef's kiss. There is going to be so much angst in his route, lord help me, I am a mess for hot redheads


So so excited for the next episode! Thank you, devs.  Make sure you get some rest <3 

Don't call me out like this

Nealy 4 am here. Refreshing the page + eating stroopwaffels. send help

No worries- thanks for letting me know!

Hey! i just went over to the discord and saw this announcement: 

Based on everyone's time zones, our lovely Aeriie will be uploading the new chapter the morning of the 26th (UTC+8). This means that for those friends in Europe (and similar timezones), it will come out around midnight (or shortly after.) For our friends in the USA, it will come out in the evening. 

I know how you feel, though. I'm really excited! 

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So excited for ep 3! One of my top 5 VNs rn for sure! Does anyone know  roughly what time it'll come out? I'm in the UK. I saw one of the other comments say it'll be in the early morning here? 

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I don't usually buy DLC but I love Andromeda Six so much that I had to drop money on it. I really appreciate that all the routes were different in their own ways. I was apprehensive that it was going to be cut and paste with dialogue changes but it wasn't and it was refreshing. The art continues to be amazing and the LIs-chef's kiss. I hope episode 3 comes out soon :) 

I loved episode one so much! The art is STUNNING. The characters are so engaging and I just know I'm going to have a hard time choosing between all LIs. That said, I can't wait for episode 2 and hope its out soon! My favourites at the minute will have to be June, Ayame & Damon. 

Hi! I found TROS on Steam and instantly had to buy it.  I absolutely adored it and loved seeing the different personality variations for the MC. SO excited for the sequel! Thanks for the all hard work you're putting into this!

I loved the demo and I'm really excited to play the rest. Can't believe this is free! I've never played a VN with your art style but I really like it. Thanks so much! <3 

I really did! It's one of my ancticipated releases :) That's a decent price, and I'll definitely snap that up! 

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Just wanted to say that I love the demo so much! Thank you for all the hard work you've put in :) How much do you estimate the full game to be? 

I really did and I'm sure the rest will be just as great!

You've done a great job and I can't wait for the rest :)

I just finished this and I loved it so much! I really didnt expect to like it as much as I did and I'm eagerly waiting for the rest. 

I just finished the demo and I'm really interested in seeing the full thing! I'm excited to see how we can shape the storyline. I'm usually really picky about the art but I loved it here.