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 It's the right-most column. I didn't know how to really explain it well, sorry! I included a picture of what i'm talking about with this post. I'm unsure if the other column do this, i'v only encountered this problem with the right-most column. Additionally, i'm playing on the Windows/PC build; I haven't tested RadSol on MAC. Thank you for any help!

To preface, I really love solitaire and so far it's super fun! Thank you Vector Hat for this awesome game!! 

On each session so far, if I click on the card on top of the right  most stack, it freezes and I can't move the card. Is anyone else facing this issue? And is there a way in-game to fix it? 

Your method works and I can play the demo now.  Thank you so much! 

I downloaded the "WORLD OF HORROR demo 2019 (macOS)" and followed the instructions from the youtube video [ie.] posted below the download links. When I try to open the game, I get the error message " Unable to find game!!: " I'm unsure of how to fix/remedy this issue with the macOS demo. Did anyone else encounter this situation as well?