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I cant send dm to you it says messages not delivered , can you dm me the invite instead

Hey thanks alot , we are definitely going to improve the game and fixing some bugs but after the voting period

no prob if you started without learning c# but if you learn its a great help , I also jumped into unity without knowing anything about programming just was doing some projects by watching tutorials, I now also search on the internet for how to do stuffs and also awthc tutorials now also while making games

the game art is awesome!!

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nice game but you should use different colors for enemy bullets  to differentiate  them from the enemies and ya i would recommend instantiating enemy one by one or in a pattern so that the player would not die at the spot when he starts

very nice game , loved it but I think you can add a description to each planet something like temperature , gravity etc. which would sound good 

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I was saying about the menu which appears at the start , which I think you would probably change 

I liked the game mechanics but the UI is not good , I know its underdevelopment but still the UI is lame and other than that its very good , I'm waiting to see a more polished version of the game(especially the UI as at first glance I didn't knew what is going on)

thanks for reply

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but now it is showing new error when i hit preview  it shows could not write preview auto save

any fix ??

 i just figured it out that changing the projects defualt location is the fix for the problem 

when I select create and select a template or empty game then it shows failed to save a new game .

if anybody knows the fix please help me

can we make games collaboratively on CORE.

like can me and my friend from a distant place can work together on a single game