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lol!! Yeah - I realized that too..:that’s what happens when you have no time for play testing!! 😂😂

I had no time to play-test the game, and have realized it is brutally difficult!! My high-score so far is 700ms…what’s yours? Share a screenshot with your HS. :) 

Play the game at

Can you escape nature’s fury? Find out by playing


Save yourself from nature’s fury!!

Lol! Thank you :) 

thank you!!

thank you so much!

lol!! She will be the final boss in my completed game 😂

Loved it! The graphics, the screen shake, the music - all added to the fun and immersion. Great job!!!

Very nice! Rated

Very cool game, and goes very well with the theme!

…is there some way to track it, or is it self-reported?

What a wonderfully simple concept with hand drawn art, engaging gameplay and simple but apt sound effects! This was truly a joy to play….great job!!!

Thank you for the detailed feedback and your ideas! Very useful and I love the idea of using the mouse wheel to change platforms! 

Loved the concept of the game!! Keep it up!

I would really appreciate if you took some time to leave feedback and rate my game as well:

OK - thanks for letting me know!

Very very nice! Loved the graphics, sound and effects!! 

Hey guys,

Am I still allowed to update my game even after the Gamejam submission deadline has ended? I submitted before deadline, but want to add a few more levels, and sound/music, etc.

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Thank you for all your wonderful comments and feedback! Please rate my game when you get the chance - poor Robbie is counting on you!!

Nice game! I found the building mechanics a little difficult - somehow couldn’t build anything. Maybe I was doing something wrong…

Thank you so much for playing my game!

Thank you!! 

Thank you Raul! I am working on adding sound effects and music, as well as additional levels

Reach Level 18 in my game to come face-to-face with fire dragons that will not only kill you but break your platforms. Can you build fast enough and smart enough to escape? Play Robbie's Awesome Journey to find out!

Thank you so much! I plan to add a lot more to this game...ran out of time!! :) 

I enjoyed your game - very unique concept. I found it quite tough however...the learning curve is very steep, but maybe that's just me! Overall great job

thank you for your feedback! Would love to know what you found difficult and how I can make it easier to understand 

thank you so much! I plan to make more levels with the dragons and other enemies - didn’t have enough time for the jam! 😊

I submitted my game Robbie’s Awesome Adventure yesterday to the 2022 GDevelop GameJam. Thanks all for trying it out! I am having a lot of fun trying out the other games as well!! 

Looking forward to your comments!

thank you so much for playing my game! Yes - I totally agree, artwork can be a lot better. I am no artist and I didn’t have any time to add music or sound. But I hope to improve this game with better artwork, music and sound. 

thank you so much! This was my first game and I’m glad you liked it! Yes - dragons were hard even for me! Lol 😂

Tetris but with physics!! Love it - simple yet engaging. Keep it up

love the design, art work, music  and core mechanic - well done! 

Very nice and relevant! Keep it up!