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Hello there! Because of this mod, I never play Vanilla anymore (Your mod is like 120% great), and I find it really cool! I had a couple of characters idea and some guns.

New Characters:

Zombie (B-Skin is zombified clown or whatever you wish)

Passive: Every killed ennemy has a chance to become a friendly zombie that fights for you. They die over time.

Active: Necroactivity

-Can only be used once by level. Transforms every corpses in an AOE into zombies. Like normal zombies, they die over time.

Throne Butt: Doubles the AOE range and the chance for a killed ennemy to become a zombie.

Ultra A: Dead Strikes Back

-Zombies have more health, are faster, do more damage and don't die over time.

Ultra B: Pandemic

-Zombies can create other zombies. Doubles the chances that a killed foe becomes an zombie.

Ultra C: Necromancer

-The AOE covers the whole screen, but can only bring back a maximum of 20 corpses.

Ultra D: Hive mind

-Zombies are going to surround the player, protecting him from being shot.

-Zombies become Guarding Zombies.

New Mutations:

Molecular Stabilisation

-(Minor) All Stats Up

New Guns:

Grenade Minigun

Superhot SMG

RC Crossbow:

-Bolt weapon that follows mouse pointer.

-Releasing the fire button makes it go to where its pointed.

If you do not implant any of these, it is totally fine! You probably do have alot of ideas yourself. Minus that, you rock!