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bro cant say anything expect i loved it i hope i se the full version of this keep it up 

bro i installed all the version and in each one of them its a black screen like the tv only show black screen for some reasen how can i fix that?

i need more of this its so cool

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bro we need more of this its so mutch fun i would pay to play this ngl

im just trying to find that one comment in english -_-

one of the best games i played i would love to play a longer version of this  and i hope you make one
really good gameplay
good art style 
and everything about is just so good

the game is so mutch fun pls uploed the new update already

i killed him coz idk 

ay tbh that would be great and add some more weapens and better quality full screen improve everything add online it would be a awsome game