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Sam Hocevar

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I reloaded the page and made sure to not jump below a platform and it went fine from there.

Thanks! I think I managed to fix that properly.

I’m not against this game either! It’s cute and relaxing, and I managed to do some bat art with my friends. It took me less than an hour.

At first I was confused because my screen was too small to see the turrets. But then the game started to make sense, and it even has upgrades after the waves, that’s cool! Very hard to play with a trackpoint, and the collisions are a bit weird, but I really like the idea.

I’m just leaving a message to say it’s sad that you don’t have many ratings! I’m afraid I don’t have a Mac… But since you’re using Unity you could try exporting a browser version, or maybe even a Windows or Linux build! Anyways, kudos for finishing a game for a jam.

This was surprisingly fun and challenging. The artwork could obviously get some help but it’s not the most important part of the game. I’d say the music could go at a slightly faster pace for this kind of game, too.

My suggestions:

  • make games last a bit longer!
  • start with 3-button combos, and make them bigger and bigger as the game progresses.
  • I second the request for keyboard support: I know some people use Dvorak but they’re the kind of people who know how to remap to QWERTY if necessary. Besides, Löve2d has scancode support which lets you make layout-independent bindings.

Tested with the standard Löve launcher on a Debian machine.

I cannot seem to run it either. I installed the openjfx package on Debian and I still get:

% java -jar MobClicker.jar
Error: Could not find or load main class com.scimok.opengamejam2018.mobclicker.MainMenu
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Application