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These types of games and the style really strike a soft spot, and watching my sweet child grow into something that we were both proud of was an enriching experience.

You're welcome! Keep up the good work. ^-^

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I'm enjoying this little game, I've just noticed one little thing that irked me. The 'Wrath' ability and the 'Smite' ability preform the exact same function, but Wrath requires a higher roll to to succeed. Curious to know if this was intentional.

We all look forward to when it comes out, but you take care of yourselffirst and foremost. ^^

Bring Sam back. T-T

I see the obvious influence and I enjoy it quite a lot. ^-^

Games like these are always highly under rated. This managed to be legitimately creepy and even startling. Well made. ^^

I gave this a try, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. I do hope this does get finished, because the demo has left me craving more.

This game was both unnerving and managed to pull a few laughs from me, I'm pleasantly surprised.  This game manages to really make you think about your choices, even when the outcome is basically the same no matter how you word it. It very faintly reminded me of papers please, but without any real consequence to your actions, so it keeps somewhat of a light hearted dark theme to it. ^^