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I love horror games that let you fight back!

This game is just one big facepalm lmao!

Too many jumpscares !!! I loved it, kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time :) 

Super funny! But terribly hard to beat... see what i did there :)

Tons of fun but rage inducing! I had the hardest time trying to beat this one, thanks again for the great games Dave! 

Great Remaster! Tons of fun :)

So much fun! I've never played a indie horror game with such a cool concept. I'd like for the antagonist to be a little scarier though... would highly recommend for some great tension!!!

One of the coolest Indie Horror Games I've played so far. Great graphics with a high quality gameplay :) Can't wait to play again once the full version has released.

Awesome Demo! Both Scary and Exciting :) I hope this games development continues in the future.

Tons of fun! I never thought I'd  be scared by a Simpson's themed horror game...

Another great game from Danmicrowave :) Satirical, horrifying, and comical all in one. Highly recommend it!!!

One of my favorite Dan Microwave games :) Great music and sound effects from spongebob!

Top Notch horror game! Surprisingly scary and funny at the same time!

Another Great game! Love the style and simplistic gameplay while it keeps tension throughout :)

A Great Start! I hope for more content from this game in the future :)

I Discovered the Best way to Beat Baldi

Enough Said

This game is almost impossible! But I can't stop playing it!

Surprisingly Scary! I really enjoyed the inspired style of this game! I would highly recommend Baldi to anyone who needs help with there math :)

An excellent game with a great story and tense atmosphere. I would highly recommend it for all that want a riveting adventure!