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Great Remaster! Tons of fun :)

So much fun! I've never played a indie horror game with such a cool concept. I'd like for the antagonist to be a little scarier though... would highly recommend for some great tension!!!

One of the coolest Indie Horror Games I've played so far. Great graphics with a high quality gameplay :) Can't wait to play again once the full version has released.

Awesome Demo! Both Scary and Exciting :) I hope this games development continues in the future.

Tons of fun! I never thought I'd  be scared by a Simpson's themed horror game...

Another great game from Danmicrowave :) Satirical, horrifying, and comical all in one. Highly recommend it!!!

One of my favorite Dan Microwave games :) Great music and sound effects from spongebob!

Top Notch horror game! Surprisingly scary and funny at the same time!

An awesome ending! I enjoyed it much more than before, thanks for watching and updating the game :) Highly recommend for a quick, interesting, horror game experience!

Another Great game! Love the style and simplistic gameplay while it keeps tension throughout :)

Thanks for the tip, I will try it again once I get a chance!

Interesting Game! I enjoyed the tense atmosphere but I felt like the monster wasn't very much of a threat. I look forward to seeing more improvements upon this game :)

A Great Start! I hope for more content from this game in the future :)

I Discovered the Best way to Beat Baldi

Enough Said

This game is almost impossible! But I can't stop playing it!

Surprisingly Scary! I really enjoyed the inspired style of this game! I would highly recommend Baldi to anyone who needs help with there math :)

An excellent game with a great story and tense atmosphere. I would highly recommend it for all that want a riveting adventure!