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This was a really fun game! Thank you!

Here's some feedback:

  • It was a bit hard to interact with things as they had to be straight ahead of Frazer
    • If this was fixed I would have struggled less
  • I really like the simplicity of the graphics. It looks really nice and is readable
  • I had hard time getting rid of those pesky teachers :D.
    • They sometimes just never gave up and I didn't know why
    • I might have missed some crucial information during the tutorial ;D
  • I wish I had an easy way to restart the game
  • I tried couple of times to get enough money but I usually just got too fancy avoiding all the teachers
  • I really liked that I could play the game with one hand!

My time: 1:08:52.7

That took longer than I expected :D!

Would it be possible to add an arrow pointing at the last pickup and then at the exit? I felt like that was the biggest problem I had while playing. Trying to figure out where those were was a bit tiresome after couple of levels.


Could the jam be extended until end of the year?

Our team is swamped in school work right now and don't have time to finish our game in time :(

And here I was bashing space, enter and WASD but NOT the arrow keys... I feel a bit silly now :D.

I got so owned on Level 2 when those exploding balls came but got score of 37,500!

I felt like the hit box should have been smaller like in Touhou games etc.

I didn't get past the Seraph Games-splash screen.  It just hangs there and can't close it without using task manager to end it.

Any ideas how I can get this working?

I found my objective!

Good job!

Awesome work <3!

Had some problems with blocks when coming at them from weird angles like when trying arch around the block from below. I also accidentaly went to the title menu when I meant to restart the last level and had to play through the other levels again but that was on me and I found all the collectibles I missed on the first try :D.

It was really solid work and fun to play!

Thanks <3!