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Thank you so much for making a awesome fucking game! Its both intriguing, and it doesnt really hold your hand at all i know you want to make a system where it helps you move on from puzzles but the difficulty here was part of the fun. Im very curious what infleunced you on making it? 

another question what is the song being played on side A of the  music box? i like the sound alot

so i beat the game multiple times. using the knife as the artefact crashes the game. Using the photo film or photograph as the ancra got me to fight who i presume killed charles. preventing the phantom from taking the skull, and using that as the ancra caused me revive charles, and got me stuck in the void with his killer. i loved the game, but it leaves me with more questions than i came in with. Was i the aprentice? was she trying to revive charles? why would she be willing to sacrifice herself for someone like that? 

i ended up making it a bit further along and encountered the second filing cabinet. i reversed the order of the code on the first and it opened. Was that supposed to play into "mirror"? ive got no idea what to do with the music key. doesnt open any of the doors and i feel like its supposed to open the door with the piano being played. And im not sure how to forge the objects. and im using the photo film as the ancra.

so i made it all the way to the ritual room in the hidden in the flooded basement hallway, and got the oujia board working in the office, and im having trouble. im not totally sure whether to put the camera or knife in the artefact stand, and could i please get a clue on what to say on top of the vessel sigil. ive tried "Qglw ua rgw kuw" and "swlrg" also what do even mean? 

gotta give props on the office corner puzzle. that one was fun. had to pull out a sheet of paper to jot stuff down, that one was fun.