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oh la la la ley

fixed! press V to toggle noclip and move around without collision

did an update to make it so you can play with friends across other regions!!! the problem was that each "region" (country/continent) had a seperate connection and would connect to their connetion, but now they all connect to US (idk any of the other region IDs so i used US)

running diagonally almost always helps in unity games

another month another gorby

i know your probably not into this anymore but something BIG is coming on 12/25/2022

veroy big

(1 edit)


also maybe make the discord server public so that the invite link doesnt ever stop working?


sadly no, there is no multiplayer engine on the asset store that does that.

well atleast one that doesnt cost 80 dollars lol

whats broken? if your trying to play with a friend from another country it might not work

doesnt happen for me so uhhh maybe try moving to another place before other player joins? if that doesnt work i really dont know im not working on this game anymore

its gorbhing time

this is test game

akwarnd maze x diesd from lung cancer

hey im not a time traveler, and i have absolutely no care for your opinion, the game is cool but i just wanted to say something about how billy is cool

oh my goshed

waiting for sequel:

mountain escalator

but besides good game

okay   ?

uh oh, i just noticed that part of it might be impossible (the part right after)

if it is just move the block thats by itself to the left by a little

oh that, didnt get to testing but im pretty good at  not being impossible

you have to go green and then go into the block, and go down like a ladder

then go yellow and go up the ladder, and then go back down

that fills all of the x's im prety sure

heres a written path though, cause its confusing (:



really cool!

alright, just to let you know it is so laggy its basically unplayable (also the background scrolling breaks lol)

i tested the limits of skwish

im guessing jerry isnt invited to this party either?

just wondering, i know that "bunny's curse" is more of a backstory on bunny (from the first games you have published here!), is this the one for that guy in "this game is for you"?

wow, these games keep on getting better!

i like the new mechanic of being able to change the shape of beanos, very cool!

is this meant to have no exe?

i dont know if this will help rember, but it was the rewind jam

why do you constintely check it though???


hi, i just wanted to let you know because yes

back when that rewind jam was happening and we were going to collaborate on a game for it and i said i couldnt, i found an old empty project i had made for it and im going to finish it up

if you ever do updat dis

you should make it so da win thingy leads to anotder level