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Numbering your points will make things easier to respond to next time.

Tattoos are only story based for now. Later I will add a shop.

Pregnancy is meant to have pros and cons, but not feel like a punishment. So yes, places where content is lost will be reconsidered.

Sweet girls pregnancy thing is because it's incomplete. Will be updated soon to properly reflect things like this.

Haven is the last institute mission currently

Cass/Mira will play a role in a currently under development quest. I have laid the groundwork but not completed it yet.

Broken events in the school are temp for now.

Like above, the Cass/Mira stuff is still under development. 

Pub will keep getting content additions as development progresses. I want fewer, content rich jobs as opposed to many shallow jobs.

The saves will be compatible, but because of the nature of the events/stories, they are best played from a new game. But still possible to pick up midway but characters will act as if they met you on the first days of the game.

It's removed in this build until the prostitution questline is in. 


1. Economy balance is still in progress, but considering how little you earn from other jobs, prostitution is still mostly attractive.

2. There will never be hard game overs.

3. Probably eventually. We will see.

No, though if you are coming from 2.4 to 3.0, saves wont work.

Your AV probably thinks it's a virus so quarantines it. 

Just checked and the link still works.

Background music eventually, moaning sounds never.

You dont get the chalk as an item. You just go to revel street and click the quest icon.

Yeah just need to wait a bit. It takes time for their bodies to be discovered

Still updating. Wont be finished for quite some time yet.

Possibly both. You aren't the only one reporting issues and it's something I am looking into for the next release.

Think I answered already on F95, but will answer again here.

There is no peephole gangbang. Only sex with the peeper or when caught by someone else. The Haven gangbang scenes are with the guards or through the prison ending.

Yeah there are a few leftover issues with this since I added the pregnancy cheat. Should be fixed in the next version. Thanks for reporting.

Once you have the items, and have activated them in your inventory to progress the quest, just speak to the boys at night.

Get the items needed by scavenging then talk to nate

Looks like the game wasn't installed correctly.

Play some more with them and they will invite you to hang out.

Not possible right now. Didn't manage to find the time to do that quest so it was pushed back into the NPC update.

Happy to hear you are enjoying the game. More updates to come so will fill out the missing parts.

Perks change your max possible desire. 100 isn't the cap on stats anymore and Sammy can end up pretty crazy with desire.

Go into the room at night and investigate the strange light.

You cant.

It's the button you are pressing. Are you pressing twice by mistake or have some doubletab feature enabled?

Thanks, will fix for next build

If your fitness/confidence is high then you will win fights consistently, especially if maxed out in cheats. Drunkness helps reduce your ability to win fights.

Truckstop has been removed for now since there are no events for it. Can still get there through a bug as mentioned below or just enable cheats which will unlock the location at the busstop

You don't get them yourself (yet). The change log is refering to the new forms of body writing where you can get washable, perm marker variants. The tattoo variant can happen in haven through bad events

Just to point out, colours were reduced with the addition of the colour picker. So fewer preset colours but you can now make your own custom set.

As the user above says, they got removed with the breast/belly update and not sure if/when they will make a return

Thanks for the reports, will look into them.

And yes, random if Emile starts pregnant.

It happens to some older phones that can't support whatever DirectX is needed for the colours. I haven't found a solution for this yet.

I uploaded the files myself so is probably a false positive.

But as always when downloading from the internet, use at your own risk.


the .apk is a mobile version. Web version I can do but get hit by itch limitations. Web version can be found on other websites.

Don't be a virgin and have at least some sex experience. Booze also helps

Sizes will be what you can see in the dev reports. Small, med and large. There will never be ultra massive breasts.

Probably early Dec now. 100% before the holidays.

Nothing I can do to help. Version has been up for months and first time having this issue reported. Most likely its a false positive, but as with anything you download, use at your own risk.