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Great game, I going to have nightmares with the final boss haha

Great game, But I'm suck, anyways good use of visual, and audio, I'd have like to know how to get more points, I'm stuck in 267, I'm suck in this kind of games xd

Very great work!

thanks you

thanks you so much, and yes I need practice my english, this game was a complete challenge to me but I'm happy to see you liked 

It is a weird game but I really like the weirds games, so I have to say, it is very cool, The theme fit perfect, I got 7/10 and it was really funny

Thanks you so much, and sorry for the english jeje

Thanks you

I'm glad to see you liked and sorry for the english, maybe it wasn't the best idea make a Visual Novel in english when your mother language isn't english xd, thanks anyways 

I have been playing a while, so excited, I can't pass the heaven yet, but I'm close to, wonderful game

It's amazing