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Great idea, but the controls still need some work. It feels very floaty.

Click this link to join the Discord server!

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If you wanna report an issue about Lazerena, please go to and create a new issue. Don't forget to choose a template.

While posts about issues and feature requests in this forum are permitted, I strongly encourage you to post your issue directly to GitLab so I don't have to do this extra step. It also prevents me from accidentally overlooking your report here in the forum since it's immediately added to my pipeline.

What do you mean by

he know only how to scream like a bitch

You can attend this event with everyone you want as long as the team is max. 3 members big. Just keep in mind, we do not want any toxic or harassing people in our community obviously.

I'm impressed by how polished this memey game is lol. But the java update killed me at the end xD Got bamboozled there.