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I think the mac version is super bugged  :\

Im not really sure how to play :\

in a couple of days we're gonna be competing for 1 bil xD

actually it'll prob take an hour or so :\

yea, ima beat u in no time

try to get to 100 mil

but sure, keep going

its gonna take forever.

50 mil. ima have a hard time catching up to tha


they dont do anything

it is on android my man :|

ill beat u right after you beat me >:D

anybody have anything higher than 30 mil?

wasnt hard, only took 20-30 mins


The square unlocks a boss stage

Very op tho :D


I fully agree, especially when fighting bosses, the camera shake and 3D is too much to handle.

Yea, I agree

I'm pretty sure thats because i missile gets to a target before you do and you go infinitely in the direction until collision with another entity.

20 mil, nice!

it saves automatically

19.2 mil broh

19.2 mil broh

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2 Bug reports:

1st: when you get near a black hole with auto bounce it starts to glitch and crashes your game.

2nd: My score looks weird at the top and this sometimes happens when you go over 10 mil points. 1.3 = 13 mil

Personal note: User Sapling made a post not too long ago saying that once you get all upgrades and beat both bosses theres no point in playing and i completely agree with him/her.  I think adding a leaderboard or a versus system would give us hardcore players something to keep doing after we unlock everything.

what did u do?

did u go over 10 mil or how many points do you remember getting?

Bug report: When square boss turns pink his missiles explode on himself most of the time.


Havnt beat the square boss yet :

got the highscore again

what was your highscore?

Pretty sure i got the